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  1. bucket

    How do quit this outfit ?

    everything was fine, until my suporting membership became an automatic credit card deduction...i dont recall authorizing this action, but, that doesnt mean it didnt slip through the cracks.. none the less, i dont know how to contact the powers that be on this.. so how do i quit, and most...
  2. bucket

    well that was painless enough

    :beer..:w...:cool... :lou:lou all i was trying to say was that the fastest street corvette in America and probably the planet belongs to "rad rides by troy"'s engine builder..i saw a special on troy and this guy was in it. i dont have a link and i havent looked too hard but it is probably out...
  3. bucket


    my last post was closed by the administrator..what a chickenshit
  4. bucket

    The fastest corvet in america is a c4

    deal with it
  5. bucket

    Trailer Hitch Do's and Don't's

    i need to pull a trailer, <1000lbs. is this going to be a problem? (large smile)
  6. bucket

    No other Generation

    no other generation of corvette has arrived with more change than the C4. it looks like the 5 and 6 made improvements on this platform.. but the difference between a C3 and a C4 is remarkable..nothing in common, nothing but the 5's and 6's kinda snuk up on it using improved parts and...
  7. bucket

    Thermostat trick...?

    i bought a thermostat for my "gwapo" for Christmas.. i have never worked on an LT1 before, do i need to drain fluids before installing? :beermerry Christmas:beer...:lou:lou
  8. bucket

    How Many More Miles Till

    How many more miles till i blow the guts out m of my stock mufflers?:cool:beer:W:w
  9. bucket

    kit car body

    does anyone know of a kit car based on the C4 platform?
  10. bucket

    Jumped a curbed today

    tryin to get to I-10, traffic was belligerent and i took my best shot cutting across the curb separating I10 from 60, all this under heavy throttle...this 18 year old beater jumped like a thorobred and was gone...i love this car:_rock
  11. bucket

    why does it run so good?

    ive got a 3400 pound, automatic with 2:59 ring gear and 12" of rubber on each side in the rear... so why does a 300 hp stock chev V8 burn rubber so easy? too much throttle turning a corner and you will find yourself drifting... i just do get it.... signed confused by the 60's
  12. bucket

    LS9... the apex of the pushrod engine

    i think we have reached our limit on the pushrod engine with the LS9... i also believe that if there is an LS10 it will be 4 valve double overhead cam..then 1000 horsepower will be possible... with the larger valve area of 4 valves and the absence of push rods..the rpm's come up and the gas flow...
  13. bucket

    whats new for 2010?

    how is the 2010 better than an 09??:confused
  14. bucket


    it's the dog gone truth. i have to look twice to tell the difference when i see em on the street... ...that saves me 25,000 frog skins...about $15,000us... thats the difference between the initial cost it's my lucky day:beer
  15. bucket

    Jesus has a C4

    looks like its been pulled and it was a C5....if I see jesus ill tell him about Jesus...lol
  16. bucket

    Word from the dyno man

    I was picking up my C4 at Corvette Specialist in Riverside...and visiting with the dyno tune man about which corvette is the best bargin and has the most potential.. He said 99 or up C5 is the clear winner.. everyone agreed that the C6 improvements are mostly cosmetic.. yes we all know the...
  17. bucket


    we are getting very close to trading up to a C6 1LT auto with chrome wheels... the base model is a much as we can afford..so with thhat in mind are there any "options" that you wished you would have gotten that you just didnt know about? :w
  18. bucket

    If i trade for a C6.....

    can i still come to this forum?:confused
  19. bucket

    Time To Trade?

    my stock 92 LT1 at..is comming home from the shop soon. everything will be in working order.... is it time to trade? :confused
  20. bucket

    Stock 92 lt1 dyno results

    THE RESULTS ARE.. I AINT PAYIN $750 BONES TO TUNE UP A 300 HP STOCK LT 1...LOL so..... lets...
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