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  1. C4CRAZY787

    Anyone using "Pypes" Cats??

    Anyone using "Pypes" Cats?? I e-mailed them and they claim 400 cfm from the 3” cat, http://www.rpmoutlet.com/powercat.htm At $100 cheaper than the Power Cat it sounds to good to be true, what am I missing here? Are Power Cats that much better?? Thanks.
  2. C4CRAZY787

    Anyone have this Xpipe?? (Magnaflow)

    http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?Ntt=mpe-10792&searchinresults=false&Ntk=KeywordSearch&DDS=1&N=115&target=egnsearch.asp&x=34&y=12 Will it fit in the drive shaft tunnel?? Thanks.
  3. C4CRAZY787

    `92 Vette vs `04 GTO (video)

    This is me and a `04 GTO at KCIR in April `05, I ran a 13.21 @ 106.91 He ran a 13.71 @ 107.28 Here's the mod's and #'s for the `04 GTO, GT2-3 cam w/LS6 springs, Speed CAI., Ported TB 346hp and 337tq Video, http://videos.streetfire.net/player.aspx?fileid=1C2C8869-C319-48A7-9D9C-38ABE463D8FE...
  4. C4CRAZY787

    92’ LT1 injector resistance??

    It may not be a problem, but I just checked all my injectors, 1=12.0 3=12.1 5=12.0 7=12.3 2=12.4 4=12.3 6=12.3 8=12.2 I read somewhere that the injector resistance should be between 16 and 17 ohm’s. Could someone with a 92’ and stock injectors please test their injector’s resistance...
  5. C4CRAZY787

    92 LT1 Water pump, anybody using is one??(ASC WP9000)

    I’ve noticed some signs of leakage around the weep hole, so I’ve started looking around. The ASC WP9000 clams to be a new pump with a lifetime replacement warranty, its 126.88$ the cheapest AC pump I’ve found is 177$ and it only has a 1yr warranty. Anybody using this pump?? Thanks.:)...
  6. C4CRAZY787

    Installed transmission cooler.

    It’s a Hayden #514, 3/4”x 7.5”x 12” tube and fin design. I placed the cooler on the AC condenser up in front of the primary fan, 3 weeks ago. Pic, http://forums.corvetteforum.com/photopost/data/1064/36404transcooler5.JPG Then ran the hoses out the right side of the upper radiator shroud...
  7. C4CRAZY787

    My Exotic Muscle long tubes came today :-)

    I will reserve final judgement untill after everything is bolted up, but just looking at them in the box... MAN there nice!!
  8. C4CRAZY787

    GM hot cam = higher coolant temps

    GM hot cam = higher coolant temps??? I was recently told that the Hot cam would make my c4 run hotter. Anybody experience this??? Right now my temps run 188* cruzing and 205* in traffic with the AC on. I have no problem with these temps, but would not want them consistently over 220*...
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