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  1. 63split

    63 expansion tank stickers

    Where exactly do the "3" and "7" inspection stickers/decals go on a '63 SWC 300hp expansion tank/radiator? I've seen some with the "7" at the top of the expansion tank above the Harrison logo, others with the "3." Where does the other one go on the radiator - driver side on top, side, etc.? Any...
  2. 63split

    Question re: heads for my 300 hp '63

    Can anyone out there verify that 461x (3782461) heads were correct for my 327/300hp '63 SWC, powerglide tranny, build date of Mar 11, '63? Before banging my head against a wall looking for a correct dated pair :Wthought I'd check to make sure that's what I need. What makes me question it is...
  3. 63split

    WTB 461x heads for '63 SWC

    Wanted to buy: 461x heads for '63 SWC, date codes prior to Mar 11 '63 (C 11 3).
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