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  1. farmer


    After some thought and consideration I am leaning toward buying the ZZ383 engine from GM Performance at a local dealer. I have considered othe engine builders, but because I live in Canada, import duties become prohibitive to bring in an engine purchased in the US. I can buy the block with...
  2. farmer

    1974 coupe progress

    I am learning how to post appropriate size pics and rather than hijack daves 1974 convertible thread, I thought I'd start a new one showing the history of car since I took it home on trailer last July.This is the car when I got it home This is vette with her new roommate. At his point most of...
  3. farmer

    liscence plate light location?

    We are preparing to mount new rear bumper...one piece fiberglass flex fit for my 74. Was there originally one light over the plate, or one on each side of the plate? The new bumper has no holes and the old one was not from a 74. Thanks, Ben
  4. farmer

    Corvette Bronze Poly?

    We are stripping 74 vette and anticipating painting it before winter. It is not original color...Silver Mist...and that's OK with me. I am contemplating a color from 68 thru 70 called corvette bronze poly. I want a color that will help identify car as early C3. I think it will lend an older...
  5. farmer


    Where on the engine block will I find the code to determine whether my engine is the original L48 or has it been changed to an L82. I purchased this car in July, and am considering performance upgrades (Cam,intake manifold, Holley carb) My friend, a good mechanic, advised me that if it is the...
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