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    Does anyone know an Honest/Competent mechanic in the graeter Detroit,MI area that works on 1996 Vette? Thanks.

    Does anyone know an Honest/Cpmpetent mechanic in the greater Detroit, MI area, that works on 1996 Vette? Thanks for any help.
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    Help! Thrust(?) washer

    I'm replacing my rear wheel brg.,again, on my '96. I finally got a shop manual and it shows a "wheel spindle washer" between the rr. brg.hub asm. and the rr. spindle. Does this act as a "thrust washer" between the brg. hub asm. and the spindle? I had the car serviced at a Chevy dealer and they...
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    96 No Start

    HELP! After reading the articles about the VATS system, I thought for sure that was my problem. I took apart the connector and plugged the ohm meter into the key side of the plug and a correct reading of 4720 ohms with the key in the ignition. I already replaced the ign. sw. on the steering...
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    Fuel filter/pressure problem?

    My 96 won't start. I tried to release the pressure at the fuel rail and nothing happened.I did this within 60 seconds after turning the ignition to the run position,I assumed that since there was no pressure at the fuel rail, either the filter or pump was bad.The Vette has 175K on it and I have...
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    "96 Analog or Digital

    I have a '96 Vette with both an analog & digital temp. gauge. The trouble is that they both don't agree. The digital reads about 25 degrees cooler than the analog. Which one do I believe? The oil temperature gage, both analog & digital read approx. the same. Why the difference with the water...
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    '76 Vette

    Sorry I posted the question in the C4 Tech. forum. My sister and brother-in-law have a '76 Vette with HEI. He repaired 2 (red) wires going into the top of the alternator, since then the vette won't start. He checked the spark and said it was orange in color rather than the white/blue it should...
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    '76 Vette

    My sister and brother-in-law have a '76 vette with HEI. He repaired 2 wires going into the alternator, since then their vette won't start. He checked the spark and said it was an orange color rather than the white/blue it should be. Is it possoble that he fried something in the HEI(condensor)...
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    Tune up on a 96?

    My 96 developed an engine miss at low rpms,idle to approx. 2000 rpms. I took the car to a dealer and he said it needed a tune up. The car has 126K and I believe everything is still orig.,contrary to what the previous owner told me.Anyway, I was wondering how difficult it is to do a complete tune...
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    rear suspension diagram

    Where can I find a diagram for the rear suspension for a 1996 vette? I went to install a new hub ass'y. and there appeared to be part of a seal dangling in the opening where the spline enters the housing. I have a copy from the chevy dealer and there seems to be a seal/washer (item 48) that...
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