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    Lower Ball Joint

    I'm replacing the lower ball joints on my '72 Stingray. The driver's side ball joint has a grease fitting, the passenger side does not, and, the "bolt head" does not have a place to install one. Did the originals have the grease fittings. Just wondering.
  2. J

    Mechanical Dash Clock Adjustments

    Does anyone know of a way to adjust the mechanical dash clocks on a C3? I have a '72 Stingray, and just removed, cleaned, oiled, burnished the contacts and reinstalled the dash clock, and it runs great. Now it's beginning to run too good - I'm gaining about 5 minutes every three days. I didn't...
  3. J

    Tail light conversion

    [/IMG]I installed bullet type tail light lenses, modified the wiring so all four lights lite during braking, and both tail lights flash when the turn signal is activated. I then installed low wattage fog lamps under the bumpers as my backup lights. Looks good and works great. I may eventually...
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