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    Differential Whine

    I have a 2006 M6 Convertible, 58000 miles. don't know the history of the car, but it does have a bad whine from the rear. Sounds like the ring and pinion having an issue to me. its more noticable at about 35mph in 4th gear and just at that throttle sweet spot, right between accelerating and...
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    News: Another one bites the dust.......

    had this in our local paper this morning.Fire Damages Garage, Classic Vette - Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Local News
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    1991 smog pump

    i went to replace the smog pump on my 1991 yesterday only to discover i was sent the wrong part. looks the same, until you look at a little better. the one on the car had 8mm bolts holding the pulley on and also in the back mounting bracket. the replacement had 6mm bolts to hold the pulley on...
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    site to check original RPO codes

    I don't know if this has ever been posted here, but here it is any way. Comprehensive GM VIN Decoder My Own Car: Vehicle: CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE Year: 1991 Build Date: 1990-08-21 Found 5,507 vehicles matching your year and model in our database. RPO...
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    Wiper Switch Replacement

    Having just replaced my wiper switch i thought i would let you know that they can be had at www.ecklers.com for 1/2 the price i paid locally. the chevy dealer wanted $205, the buick dealer could sell it for $195 and o'reillys was $160. i didnt think about checking ecklers at the time. oh...
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    Fuel Injector Cleaning

    Has anybody had any luck dismantling and cleaning TPI fuel injectors at home? i have some that i feel are causing me issues and want to learn more about them. i thought i might try to take apart a couple of odd injectors i have laying around ( non GM ) as a trial and error learning experience...
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    91 headlights

    i just noticed i have headlight out. are you folks running stock replacements? or something better?
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    Was it you ?

    I was traveling South on I-65 in Kentucky getting ready to cross into Tennessee on Sunday morning heading to the Titans/Falcons game, when i came upon a gray C5 heading the same direction. Florida plates. Just wondering if it was someone that visits here..... I was driving the white C4 convertible.
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    93 heater core question

    Picked up a 93 coupe over the summer. I noticed a bit of antifreeze smell inside the car from day one. Sometimes i get a hint of fog on the windshield just above the defrost vent. BUT....... I'm not loosing any coolant. none. any suggestions on the cause? dont wanna pull the heater core if not...
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    Well, I'm not one of these happy people....

    Winners of the NCM raffles: http://www.corvettemuseum.com/raffle_winners/index.shtml
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