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    NPG vs. Glycol Coolant - Opinions Please

    My new Dewitts radiator has arrived and I will be pulling the old copper core system to put this beauty into my 61. I was thinking of switching from the traditional water & antifreeze to NPG from Evans and was hoping to get some feedback before I spend $30 a gallon for the stuff. I am also...
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    Side Exhaust on 64 Coupe

    I''m leaning toward putting side exhaust on my 64 (327/300) and want advice or opinions. Doesn't appear to be a tough job but I am reluctant to make cuts in the fiberglass for routing off the header. Also any recommendations on suppliers. I'm thinking of buying original pipes and then getting...
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    Need Upholsterer

    Looking someone between Fredericksburg and Fairfax Virginia. Got a friend in central Virginia redoing his seats and he needs help. :beer
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    C2 Coupe Exhaust and Choke Questions

    Finally got around to the exhaust and found the mufflers had 2 1/2 inlets and 2" outlets. Is this correct? Should it be 2 1/2 in and out. Engine is the standard 327 300. Documentation shows them purchased from ZIP in 1988 but the ZIP customer service guys were not much help. :confused...
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    Part number help

    Can't find my part number manual for the 64. Can someone verify these numbers as 64 coupe rear exterior window trim? GM # 3847982, 3847981 and 3841679. Thanks!:upthumbs
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    Knockoffs -

    Had my knockoffs (Western Wheel no pins) off for the first time since acquiring the 64 Coupe in October. The spindels were rusted and I about busted a gut flailing on the spinners with a lead hammer. Wirebrushed all thread surfaces and coated with antisieze so they will be easier to maintain...
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    Door handle replacement question

    I replaced the door handle on the passenger side of my 61 and things went smoothly with no apparent problem. When I tested the handle prior to putting the door panel back on it would not advance the pivot rod enough to release the door. Could not get it to work so put the old handle in place...
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    Window Trim

    I'm tring to locate exterior rear window trim for a 64 coupe, especially the lower side to side piece. Can anyone help with a lead? Or if you have an extra from your restoration I would be interested. If anyone has a cross reference for body and trim parts I would appreciate it if you could...
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    Need help with a part number!

    5954231 This is a taillight bucket but I am unsure of year. I believe it to be a 63. Help appreciated
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    Radiator replacement

    We all know that heat kills, engines that is. I'm running hot (210 to 215) at highway speeds and have done all the standard stuff...new sending unit, measured resistance on the leads, IR'ed the thermostat etc. Car is 180 in town in traffic. Now, I am considering replacing the radiator with a...
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    Solid Axle Leak - Need Information

    A couple of weeks ago I had a flat tire on my 61. Had to call for roadside help since I have not (stupid me) taken the time to get a jack. It has only been 8 years! Anyway it was raining and the guy that showed up used a hydralic jack under the rear axle center to lift the car.:r You guessed...
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    Running a short to ground (no pun intended)

    Just got a 61 beauty and the battery died after sitting for 4 days. Replaced it and the new one died after 2 weeks. Using a 12 volt tester I removed the ground and jumped the ground back to the neg terminal with the ignition off. Got a positive indicator of current flow. Next checked the...
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