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    eBay copy of Road & Track special for 84 vette

    Hi, A while back I started a thread looking for a copy of a 1984 Corvette magazine. I eventually found one on eBay in June. I noticed there is another copy for sale on eBay, so I thought I would mention it here since other people were interested in getting a copy. Here is the eBay link...
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    1991 ZR-1 Owners kit available from NCM

    Hi, I was on the www.pistonheads.com corvette forum, and someone posted a note about 1991 ZR-1 owners kits being available from the museum. I ordered mine today: https://www.corvettemuseum.com/donations/project4.shtml Thanks, Ken
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    Looking for ISBN number of 1984 Road & Track 1984 corvette introduction

    I believe that in 1983, Road & Track published a magazine detailing the 1984 corvette. This magazine was just about the vette, and each chapter was about a certain aspect of the car. Does anyone remeber the name and/or ISBN number? I had a copy once, but it was lost in one of my moves. Thanks
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    How is this car counted?

    The 1991 ZR-1 I just purchased was originally ordered, and purchased, at a Belgium Opel dealer. When I look at the codes for the car, it shows EXP (Export), but it does not have the MAE (Market area Europe) code. It also has the GM3 (Rear Axle, 3.45 Ratio) code, and the V73 (Vehicle Statement...
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    Purchased my 1st vette + question to German C4 owners

    Well I took the "plunge", and I purchased my fist corvette. It is a red 1991 ZR-1, with 31,000km (19,000 miles) My wife and I drove up to take a look at it this weekend. It was a long drive, 1,700km round trip, but it was well worth the drive. I bought the car from the original owner, and he...
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    Choices, choices !!

    I am looking for my first vette, and I have a line on several cars. I am going to look at a 1991 red ZR1 this weekend, and I just saw an ad for a 1993 yellow ZR1 in the same area. They both have low mileage, and they are both close in price. I really like red, and I am not sure about yellow...
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