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    rebuild engine

    How long should it take to rebuild a engine in a 91 vette?It's a 350CID.:confused
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    inter door panel

    how do you remove the inter door panel on 1991 vette? Thanks, DJ:confused
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    check engine light

    91 vett check engine light comes on gos off comes on gos off should i be worried?
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    new paint

    I am having my 91 painted,the painter told me hee would put three coats of clear on it.How can I check too see if he did? thanks, DJ
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    1991 vette wont hold charge

    my 1991 wont hold a charge all the time. new battery and alternator.can charge battery and ever thing will be fine for a few days or wont start next day.stck engine 350 cid engine vin code # 8.
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    tach problem

    I just got a 91 and the tach does't work.When I start the car the tach will go all the way up then back down and stays there.Any ideas?
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    power antenna

    antenna not working on 91 conv. any ideas?
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    1984 c4

    I am looking at a 1984 with 118k miles,a 350ci 205hp.priced at 7900.00 pros,cons.what should i know before purchase.dealer is offering 30 day,1500 mile warranty.thanks for any help.
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