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    '79 Lighted Visor Vanity Mirror

    Since Road and Track made specific mention of the lighted passenger side mirror in their scathing review of the '79 it must have been available. I have a very late production L82 '79 (the Jimmy Carter 85 mph speedo) with every option save the spoilers, low mileage and in very good and highly...
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    '79 - Intermittent Wiper Problem

    '79 with delay relay/module in the center console. I'm loosing patience with my wipers. Problem: Delay does not function--runs constantly at low speed in the "delay" switch position. Otherwise wipers and washers work exactly as specified. My original wiper switch had a problem in the...
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    Headlight Actuator Question

    Working on a new-to-me '79 with low miles but uncertain history. I'm 100% certain that the actuators have been removed before but do not know if they are original or repaired. The main seal on the operator side of both of the actuators was sucked into the body of the actuator. Both that...
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    Pulse Wiper Problem

    1979 (pulse control/relay in center console). Problem: wipers run constantly in "pulse" position. Low, high, mist and wash all working properly. Pressing "wash" momentarily with the switch in the "off" position always results in two sweeps of the wipers, not the "three to five" sweeps stated...
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    Power Antenna Repair '79 with AM/FM/CB Radio

    New (to me) '79 with some electrical problems. Found antenna as one of the problems in the fuse-removed courtesy circuit--it was constantly trying to go down and would not kick the down limit switch. Up worked fine--a couple times--then the cable broke. I'm guessing that the cable was...
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    Speedometer Cable Disconnect at Cluster

    '79 Working on electrical problems and cleaning along the way. How do I disconnect the speedo cable at the cluster? Dash pad, center console, center cluster all removed. Service manual no help--it just says "disconnect". Thanks!
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    Interior Lights Won't Turn Off

    Looked through history and saw a few similar posts but none included report of problem discovery or success. 1979 interior lights will not turn off. I've removed the delay timer and jumped white wires in the connector. Have verified proper door switch operation. Headlamp switch removed and...
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    How Important to Keep Original?

    Should I repair this '79 carpet or replace? This is my first Corvette and first time working with a 35 year-old car. Everything seems original. Some minor problems. At 53K it had the least miles of any of my vehicles.
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    Is This Original?

    '79 driver side floor mat
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    New Member

    My 1979 - Green on Green Cloth Original Condition with CB
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