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    Which C6 Year Would You Recommend?

    Currently own a 1989 vette with auto that has been extremely reliable and a joy to own. I've noticed several C6 vettes with low mileage (30-40K) for under $25K. I'm after a base model coupe with auto, leaning towards a LS3 engine with 6 speed auto. Any C6 years I should avoid? Please explain...
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    Rear thump when going over sharp bumps - Resolved

    Replaced both rear muffler hanger insulators. Old insulators allowed too much uncontrolled up and down muffler movement. I had the same issue on my 1988 but never traced down the cause. 30 minute job. Corvette Muffler Hanger Insulator, 1989-1996 - Corvette Parts and Accessories
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    Incorrect fuel gauge readings on cluster

    Incorrect fuel gauge readings on cluster - FIXED!!! My cluster fuel gauge readings started to bounce around between what it should be and full. According to the FSM, at 0 ohms the gauge should read empty, 45 ohms it should be 1/2, and at 90 ohms it should read full. The cluster fuel gauge...
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    Custom made socket for radiator coolant drain plug

    Twice this year I needed to drain the engine coolant. First time was reducing coolant level so I could replace intake manifold gaskets and then soon after for a coolant flush. The FSM makes no mention of the right tool to use. Most of us use pliers, usually with a tilted head. You run the risk...
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    Replacing Power Steering Hose - Steps used with some hints and tips

    Yes, it is possible to replace this PS hose without removing any other components.:happyanim: Yes, it is possible to wonder why you ever started this project. ;LOL Project duration was 1 hour plus 30 minutes to test drive. :thumb Here are my steps: Use a leather work glove to protect your...
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    Anyone using recycled motor oil like Valvoline's NextGen?

    Looks like a great idea. :cool!:
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    Proper lower radiator hose for 1989 is Gates 21727

    After replacing the intake gaskets on my 1989, I decided it was time to replace both upper and lower radiator hoses when flushing out the old coolant. Finding the right lower hose took a few extra steps. All of the local parts stores carried the correct upper hose, but no one carried the lower...
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    Changing intake manifold gaskets and steering pump to steering gear hose.

    My next two projects... 1. Replace steering pump to steering gear hose due to slight leak: Any tricks of the trade? Looks like I can reach both fittings from the top driver's side. Special ordered parts from NAPA. 2. Replace intake manifold gaskets due to slight oil leak that is running down...
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    Replaced shocks, what a difference

    Prior owner had installed KYB gas-a-adjust shocks. I'm not sure how they drove when new, but I was tired of feeling every road imperfection. My 1989 has the base FE1 suspension. Gabriel Ultras were recommended by several local C4 owners, and I was impressed how they drove on a 1984 (darn stiff...
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    Replaced C4 rear hatch lift supports - Easy 1 hour job.

    Hatch on my 1989 would only pop up an inch. Still had the original lift supports. Purchased "Tuff Support" lifts (#610069 right and #610065 left). Only tooling required for this 1 hour job was a small regular screwdriver and a 2x4 board to prop up the rear window. Changed one lift at a time...
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    Headlight bushing - trying to understand the design

    I'm in the process of replacing the headlight bushings on my 1989 Corvette. Looks like a common issue on C4s due to age. The 3 bushing on the right side turned to dust, and 2 of the 3 bushings on the left side had cracks and are ready to split. When looking at the parts, I'm still trying to...
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    Cap and rotor recommendation for L98

    The stock black AC Delco cap uses aluminum terminals. From what I've been reading copper or brass terminals are better, especially those that are molded in and not press fitted. On my 1989, the cap screws into the base, and does not use the more common cap that clamps down (L shaped ends vs...
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    Exhaust Science Demystified

    Found this interesting reading on optimizing exhaust systems. http://www.superchevy.com/technical/engines_drivetrain/exhaust/0505phr_exh/index.html
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    Two C4 owners having some fun

    Car 1: 1989 L98 auto w/3.07 (61K) air foil, open air cleaner, paper air filter Car 2: 1992 LT1 auto w/2.59 (55K) air foil, open air cleaner, K&N Stop watch times (dead stop, in drive, used one foot from brake to WOT): MPH L98 LT1 50 4.9 4.3 60 6.3 6.4 70 8.1 8.1 Head to head: Car 1: L98...
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    C4s, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevy!!!

    C2C3C4 posted this image in another thread. To find out the background behind this I contacted Gordon Killebrew. Here is his response... "Tom Dillworth was the release engineer who had the vendor put it on 1990-1996 convertibles also an American flag on the deck lid. Look under the...
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    Replacing B pillar weatherstrip?

    I've replace the door and rear hatch weatherstrips. Now on to the "B" pillar, or the section that runs behind our heads. Any tricks of the trade? This weatherstrip looks like it is glued down with one screw on each end. Thanks in advance.
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    Proper radiator cap for L98

    The radiator cap that is on my 1989 L98 is an AC Delco RC-44. Cap states 17 PSI. I've confirmed that is the right cap for the L98 using several different vette parts catalogs. Yet the GM service manual states the cap pressure relief should be 15 PSI. After a little more research it looks like...
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    Replacing C4 steering wheel

    My steering wheel is in need of replacement. Prior owner damaged the leather with his rings. Are reproduction steering wheels sold on e-bay any good? They sell around 140 plus shipping? User feedback appears positive. I've scanned the GM service manual and have a few questions regarding the...
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    1989 L98 Head Gasket Replacement

    When changing head gaskets on a 1989 L98 (aluminum heads), can you just unbolt the heads with the complete valve trains in place, remove old gaskets, install new gaskets, and torque the heads back down? The reason I ask is that the steps I've read talk about lash adjustment. Just not sure if the...
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    Supporting Member Subscription typo?

    The text under available subscriptions for supporting member says "For $20.00/year...", but the pull down menu only lists "US$25.00". Check out supplied attachment for a screen shot.
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