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    Help Lemon/carmax!!!

    I bought my 96 vette from carmax not 4 weeks ago. I have had it in for service 3 times, last night a pretty heavy storm came through dallas. this is the first time the car has been in the rain. There was water streaming in between the roof and the side windows. the windshield wipers started...
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    no mufflers?

    Would leaving your mufflers off for a few days hurt anything. I'm not going to have time to finish my install today. I already have the old mufflers off, is the heat from the exhaust going to hurt anything under the car, if I have to drive it this week with out mufflers???
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    Stock Swaybar Size?

    What is the diameter of the stock front and rear anti swaybars? -D
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    BFG Comp T/A Drag Radials????

    Does anyone have any experience with BFG Drag Radials? I'm trying to find the best grab the road tire I can that doesn't freak out in rain To/From work.
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    worthy mods?

    I'm in the quest for mods, any of the following worth doing? Hypertech Power Programmer III? Accell 300? 315's in the rear as opposed to my 285's? Hi flow cats? So far my only intended mods are K&N, TC, and performance mufflers. Eventualy Id like to get heads and LT4cam but taht is a bit...
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    mileage with auto and 3.55's??

    Im thinking of getting some 3.55's. Anyone know what I can expect mileage to be with these mated with an automatic? What would the RPM's be at on the highway 2500 or so? Thanks guys -D
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    radio wiring

    Last night I get the bright idea to wire in my Clarion head unit. blah blah blah....... My Hayes' manual doesn't have the right color description for wires in the manual. It mentions colors that arent there and leaves out colors that are there. Does anyone have a reference or know what...
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    flomaster mufflers

    Does anyone know if the flowmaster mufflers advertised in Eclkers, Jegs, and Summit for the 84-90 models will fit a '96 Lt1. Thanks -D -'77 muncie, coupe -'96 auto, coupe (daily driver)
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    "SYS" message flashing

    As of this evening I am the proud owner of a green 96 auto LT1. As I was cruising around tonight the "SYS" message started blinking at me, no other warning lights are on. I dont have a manual so can someone give me some insight as to what the OBD II is trying to tell me. Thanks guys. -D...
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    fuel leak near tank!?!?!?

    I started her up today and noticed as I walked around her that there is a slow but steady fuel leak on the passenger side, near the rear corner of the fuel tank. Its dripping onto the passenger muffler. I'm guessing there is a rubber fuel line in that vicinity that has cracked. It only leaks...
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    which cyl heads/cam?

    I'm looking to get some mo' go go out of the momo (-ter) 8.2 compression :puke plan: headers- Hooker SC or Dynomax intake- Edelbrock Performer RPM carb- Edelbrock 600 or 750cfm cam/heads-??? my goal: streetable potent power for daily driver. 300+hp range. Id like to not break the bank on...
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    newcommer/ driveline help

    Hey guys, I just got my 77 coupe 4spd monday night. I'm still in shock when I go to work in the morning and she is sitting in my driveway. :) I have a few questions: 1st. My dad drove the car yesterday and now the clutch go bye bye. how much should a new clutch/ flywheel +install run...
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