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    82 CHEV Full line sales brochure incl, Corvette

    Excellent condition,19 pages.Corvette pic is two pages wide. Price includes shipping. $5.95
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    53-77 Corvette Parts Book

    Book is in very good condition with two sections. The first part has illustrations of the parts with a reference to the page number in the second section. The second section section lists the parts numbers. The beginning of the second section has several pages with model series...
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    Power steering control valve leak

    My control valve is leaking pretty bad and I've got another one ordered,but it won't be in till next week.I was wondering if that power steering fluid with stop leak in it would do any good and if it would be harmful in any way to the rest of the power steering system.I'd like to drive the car...
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    Tires,jack,lug wrench?

    We just got a 74 and it has not a sign of anything relating to changing a tire. Are the originals full size or some kind of space saver?If you wanted to carry a space saver,is there one that would work?Are the jacks and lug wrenches available anywhere?As a temp measure would a bottle jack work...
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    popping/binding in rear end

    Hi Guys We just bought a 74 which seems to be in real good shape except for the noise in the rear end.Intermittently the rear end seems to be binding,especially at very slow speeds and in a right turn. I'm new to Corvettes but this feels to me like clutch discs in the posi are sticking and I'm...
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