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    custom wide body c4, built drive train.

    I have had this car for two years now. 1st year i drove it and enjoyed it. the second year i tore it down to frame and redid the entire car. underbody shines!! new everything!! list of mods below. it is very fast, starts right up, drive nice and tight.. very tight actually. everything works...
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    custom wide body c4, built drive train.

    if anyone followed my threads, you know the car. still a little more to do but i'm done playing with it lol bought a porsche and building a kit car so just lost all interest in getting this vette back on the road. still needs the tune figured out. click on the link to see the mods, description...
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    datamaster, glowing red headers. gurus please help

    well this is the start of this thread and the newbie questions and eye rolling... i'll just get out of the way now. this is a first for me i have never messed with software/programming so please no abbreviations... talk to me like a child lol i loaded the masterdata and already I'm stumped...
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    started out as a wide body conversion ended up total redo

    Well like the title says, started small and as usual its turned into more. I have two threads going. one for the rear-end upgrade I'm doing and one for the wide body I made.. seems a little selfish to have a few threads going for the same car so I'm just going to post all my updates and...
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