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    Exhaust bypass system

    In 2008, I bought one of those aftermarket remote units that cycle the muffler bypass from on to off. The other day it kept going to loud, even hitting the remote it woukd stay quite for only a few seconds. I removed the remote system and returned everything to stock. Now when I start the car...
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    1963 seat covers

    My 1963 needed new seat covers so I ordered a set from Corvette America. I gave the shipment to a upholstery shop, but when I got the drivers seat back I saw that the pleats were different than the original. The original pleats (12) measure a little over 1" each and have stitching between them...
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    Carter AFB heat isolator

    My "63, 340 HP has a Carter 3461s carb, and gas is boiling when I shut it off. Heat riser is out. I am looking for a 1/4" thick phenolic spacer. Any ideas or better yet part #'s. Thanks, Frank
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    Cannot get amp meter to work in my '63 Vette. Have 12v on red wire, anyone know where the black wire goes? Thanks, Frank. PS, Shop manual is NO help.
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    oil filter #

    Never mind, I found the answer in the archives, Frank
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    Question: Speedometer gear

    I'm having a hard time trying to find out the number of teeth that would be on a speedometer gear in a Borg/ warner t10 in a car with a 4:11 rear. Any help with the number of teeth or the color code of the plastic gear would be appreciated. Thanks, Frank
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    C2 Heat riser

    Question: There are 2 lines on the heat riser side of the 340 HP motor, 1 goes from the exhaust manifold to the choke assembly, the other goes down toward the heat riser from the carb, but I'm not sure about the second one. Is it pulling a vacuum from somewhere? Thanks, Frank
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