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    Help! Engine shuts off while driving

    My 92 has started shutting off while driving. Comes right back on, but I would like to fix the problem. Replaced Optispark and plug wires in 2015. Any suggestions? I get a H16 and H36 trouble code.
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    Help! Cigarette lighter doesn't work

    Does anybody know which circuit the cigarette lighter is on? Mine doesn't work since I changed the carpets and had to remove the console. Everything is attached, but no power to the lighter. Any suggestions/ideas/help appreciated. Thanks
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    Question: 1992 valve cover installation

    Has anybody had any luck re installing valve covers without removing the emissions tube from the exhaust manifold? I have removed the covers and have them out for powder coating, but they came out hard under the tube on the right side. I don't want to chip the new powder coat re installing...
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    Question: Hazard flasher button

    Does anybody know if the hazard flasher button mounts to the turn signal switch? I can't find a listing of a separate switch and the button came off. Can't tell where it mounts.
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    Help! ALDL mounting location

    Does anybody have information on where the ALDL connector mounts on a 1992? Pictures would help. Thank you
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    Help! Unidentified hanging object

    Help! I have found this device hanging by it's own wire when re-installing the lower dash panel on my '92 vette. Does anybody know where it mounts? Also, just out of curiosity, does anybody know what it is and does? See pictures below. Thank you
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    Help! 1992 Valve cover paint

    Does anybody sell paint for the factory valve covers? The left side has a bubble and is cracking.
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    Question: Carpet removal

    How easy is it to change the carpet in a '92 convertible? I already have the seats out. Also, has anyone ever worked with an interior from Corvette America? That is where I am planning to go.
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    Valve cover refinish

    I am looking to repaint the valve covers on my 1992 LT1. I see paint advertised for 84-91 but not 92-up. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Luggage rack

    Looking for a luggage rack for a 1992 vette
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