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    Clutch will not disengage.

    Installed a new 383 into my 80. I installed a new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing. Matched Zoom set I got from Summit or Jegs, I don't remember which one. I started the motor and tried to put it into gear and it will not go. The clutch linkage is all together with the correct springs...
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    Seat bottom needed

    I need a drivers side base seat, non sport seat bottom in light oak. Just the bottom part.
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    Trouble with accesory lights in the interior.

    About 2 weeks ago I had to leave my 99 convertible outside the garage. We had a heavy rain storm and water got inside the car. When I finally moved the car into the garage I noticed after it was shut down and all the accessory lights went out, but the light on the heater switches stayed on. I...
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    Fuel shut off.

    About a week ago the battery in my car ran down as I was doing some work on the car. I boosted it and when it started I got the service column lock alarm and the wait 10 seconds and pull key alarm. When I tried to move the car it died. So the fuel shut off at 2 mph. I tried removing the fuses...
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    Y2K wheels and Falken tires.

    I have 4 chrome Y2K's and Falkin 451 tires and wheels for sale. These are standard C5 sizes. They are about 3 years old. The tires have about 4000 miles on them. The rear wheels are perfect and the front have a couple of small rust pimples in the corner of the spokes. From 2 feet away you don't...
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    Bought wrong size tires

    I recently bought four 06 z06 wheels for my car. They are18 x 10.5 rear and 9.5 x 17 front. I also bought Falken 265/40/17 for the front which fit great and 285/35/18 for the rear. Which is where I am having the problem. The tire that is called for is a 295/35/18 but Falken dosen't make them so...
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    Tire air monitors.

    I need 4 for my new tires and wheels. Where is the best place to get them. The car is a 99.
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    Best size tires

    I just bought c6 zo6 wheels for my 1999 convertible. The wheels are 17x9.5 and 18x10.5. What would be the best size tire for these wheels.
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    Dual cone intakes.

    Wich ones are the best. I have seen them on E Bay for 199 any good.
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    Windshield replacement

    Has anyone done this. I need to replace mine. The insurance dosen't cover it because my deductible is $1000. I have done windshields on various cars and need the process to do this. Windshield places want over $1000 to do this.
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    WTB-rear polished Y2K wheels

    I need 2 rear sized Y2K wheels in the polished aluminumn.Small scratchs are OK.But no gouges in the wheel.
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    C5 alarm system upgrade

    I upgraded the alarm on my c5 as per the tech article that we have all probaly seen.I added a shock sensor and a radar sensor.The alarm works great with these features.I had 2 problems,fiirst the wire in pin #9 they say to use is blue on my car,they describe it as being green.Maybe 99 is...
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    Headlamps won't go down and the fog lamps don't work.

    Did the c5 alarm upgrade today,added a radar sensor and a shock sensor.Everything worked fine,for a little while.I started the car (the battery had run down from the door being open)it cranked slow but started.The tonneau cover ajar light came up andother warnings were flashing.I disconnected...
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    putting an alarm in my 99

    I'm thinking of an aftermarket alarm for my car.Which are best or should I just depend on the factory one.Isaw some posts were people had problems with them.
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    Clutch going?and were should I buy one.

    My clutch catchs about 1 1/2 inches from the top.I guess it's time for a new one.The slave and master are new.The car is all stock and has 64,000 miles on it.What are my clutch opions,where can I get one and what do I have to get.Can I replace just the clutch.Are the ones sold thru parts houses...
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    I'm planning on putting a 3" diameter driveshaft in my 77.Has anyone done this and will I have to modify the trans tunnel.
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    solid rear axel

    Has any one had a solid rear end installed in their car or put it in themselves.NHRA dosen't allow anything faster than 1199 to run an IRS.I'm thinking about doing it to my car.If you did it yourself how hard and where did you get the parts to do it.And if you had someone do it how much did it...
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