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    91 Parts for sale most new some used

    C4 parts all new unless otherwise noted New DRM Camber brackets 100.00 + shipping DRM Trailing arm brackets 100.00 + shipping VBP 32 mm front sway bar with poly bushings 125.00 + shipping VBP 26 mm rear sway bar with poly bushings 125.00 + shipping HD Camber rods with 3/4 heim joints and...
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    Headers for sale

    http://www.summitracing.com/parts/HOK-2151HKR/ They are brand new never used. With new reducers and gaskets for them. There is nothing wrong with them just too much header for the direction I am going right now. I think the reducers are to 2 1/2 as I bought them for my 91 but can measure them...
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    WTB ecm complete with memcal 1991 L98 coupe

    Looking for ecm complete with memcal 1991 L98 coupe. Dave
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    LTPWS 89 to 92

    I have the following off a 91 L98 Coupe All housing are Black with colored plasic insert with part # etc.. GM parts book says they are 89 to 92 All the OK's are no codes at all the green LF thows a code every time... All removed by dealer with warning they are there and they were well...
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    WTB Factory frame x brace for 91vert

    Post a PM if you have one complete with all brackets etc.... Dave
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    Where to buy interior roof trim

    I have a 91 couple with the painted top. Missing when I bought it is the trim that looks to be held on with double sided tape I need rear and pass side pices or a set in black that match. No I don't want to buy a new top to get them..LOL Dave
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    Steering wheel

    Is it possible to back date a 91 wheel to an earlier one with no air bag? If so which one and what parts are needed? I am thinking the last yearmade without an air bag as the best quess for same diameter offeset etc... Dave
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    Door rebuild

    I am almost done gathering parts to rebuild the drivers door to start as the guide pin is loose and the outer window seal shot along with a little window rattle. Since everything has to come out to get to the guide pin Ithought might as well change all the wearing parts inside so i don't have to...
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    Eliminate VATS in OBD1

    I was looking at the software to tune my OBD1 car this spring and the VATS disable is in there as a choice either have it work as intended or turn it off. It would be simple to read the original chip turn off VATS and burn a new one withought it active until all the parts are aquired or a safty...
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    Mystery electrical component

    While working on another thing the previous owner 'fixed' I stumbled across this and i have no clue what it does and rather certain it is not a GM piece. Could it be an alarm of some sort or car starter? There was an unidentified key fob in the consile that I paid no attention to to be honest...
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    Kumho Ecsta ASX

    Has anyone tried these great reviw on the tire rack low buck so if life of them an issue how do they work out in a mile per bucks spent??
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    Warning! Gauges in a 91 coupe

    Today was an enlightening day for me.. Oil pressure seems a bit high water temp cool like a 160 stat.. oil temp ice cold so was getting ready to buy some sensors... and wrench next weeked.. My scantool came in this morning on ups.. Oil temp was 196 water 186 did not see oil pressure on the scan...
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    dew wipes and anti rattle pin

    I am looking to replace dew wipes and tighhten the anti rattle pin best name of the part so if is different please excuse me. How in the world do you get there... Anti rattle pin had something in front of it to the point I gave up on the dew wipes... and put it all back together the door panel...
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    Discontinued parts

    Would it be worthwhile to poll everyone for known discontinued parts and make it a sticky for each generation so no one has to find in the end they need a salvage yard to find what is no longer working?? Just read the one that the ABS needs and should be illegal to discontinue that makes either...
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    Power antenna

    I just bought my first Vette 91 coupe grren w/blk leather 66k miles generally clean but has some issues and no doubt will offer them all as I pick away at them.. The first simple one the car has no antenna at all just a black grommet where it should be.. Do all 91's have power antenna or is it...
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