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    WTB: 22 lb Fuel Injectors

    Need to replace the fuel injectors to an 86 Vette. 5.7LT. The ones on there are part #: 5235211. I can't seem to find 22 lb, 80mm long injectors with the pintle at the ends. I've seen 24 lb ones but would like to keep my car stock with the 22 lb ones. The ones I've seen which come close (24 lb)...
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    Question: Is the rotor of headlight door supposed to be able to turn freely?

    Replacing the gears on the headlight motor door of my 86. I've taken the two halves apart of the motor. I've been trying to turn the rotor but it wont budge in either direction and I can't seem to find any mechanism that's keeping it locked. Even tried the manual knob outside the motor, but even...
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    86 passenger headlight sticking

    I've read through the majority of the postings about headlight problems and haven't found one yet with the same problem I'm facing, thus this thread! The passenger headlight in my coupe works off and on; meaning it opens every now and then. The light turns on and the mechanism to open the...
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    HELP: Need to figure out which wipoer arm is for passenger & driver's side

    HELP: Need to figure out which wiper arm is for passenger & driver's side Took out the wiper arms on my 86 as part of a restoration project. I thought I had marked them, but apparently didn't & now I can't tell which arm goes where. The arms are different as one has a slight bend at the tip...
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    Burned Rear Courtsey Lights Module, 12033874

    I'm kind of stumped on this one. The above mentioned module on my 86 coupe looks like it got fried as the casing that holds the module has melted from the largest of the resistors overheating. 1. What would cause the module to overheat? Could it be one of the door ajar sensors, as I've...
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    Question: Does anyone know if there is a Double-din kit for 86 model

    I wanted to keep my Vette stock, but unfortunately as most of you out there know, the stock Bose stereo units and their related speakers do wear down and with newer hi-tech double-din units available, I've decided to hopefully make a change for the better. (Very annoying when driving down the...
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    Fuse blows out on 1986: Causes anti-lock light to come on and A/C panel wont work either!

    Happened the other day, the anti-lock light came on the information panel in the dash. My vette is a 1986 Coupe. I also noticed the A/C controller panel lights went off knocking off all A/C. Checked fuse and it was blown. Turns out that same fuse feeds the circuit for both the anti-lock light...
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