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  1. mrm1149

    F*S* C5 Corvette OEM Chrome Wheels 97-99

    SOLD, thanks. Set of orignal equip. 97-99 C5 Corvette wheels CHROMED 17x8.5 fronts, 18x9.5 rears. Centers are included with the carbon ring feature on the caps. There is some marking in a few areas on the extreme outside edge from tire removal (pic shown) Easy to add pinstripe of your color...
  2. mrm1149

    For sale>>>> 01-04 vortex ram air setup

    01-04 Vortex setup from BPP excellent shape, all nuts, bolts, and the pattern are with it! $110 plus actual ship (no more than $11) in the 48 interior states. Filter is cleaned, freshly oiled and ready to roll. This setup is currently $250 plus shipping from BPP Breathless Performance Online...
  3. mrm1149

    F*S* BLACK Speedlingerie Bra Photos >>>>>>>>

    Used this on the '07 for only two trips. Car is sold and this Speedlingerie (no plate cutout) is just like new. Fastrac brackets and new velcro are with it......... This is for the regular body style and won't fit Z06 or Grand Sport. Pd. $600 new in May of this year here >>>...
  4. mrm1149

    F*S* SPEEDLINGERIE Electron Blue Bra...photos >>>>>>>>>

    Sold ......Finally sold the '03 EB so the Speedlingerie needs a new owner. No cuts, nicks, etc..whatsoever and the fastrac clips are included. New this was $600 from Speedlingerie SpeedLingerie.com | World’s finest automotive bra $241 shipped to you in the 48 states Postal Money Order or Paypal...
  5. mrm1149

    F*S* Full set of Painted Y2K Speedlines, AS NEW photos>>>>>>>>>>>

    SOLD, THANK YOU.................. From the '02, these were taken off at exactly 8 miles and stored. No marks, brake dust, etc...because they're new in essence. Photos tell the story. $535 plus actual shipping via Fedex. Postal Money Order or Paypal are fine. OEM 17x8.5 fronts, 18x9.5 rears.
  6. mrm1149

    F*S* SPEEDLINGERIE '03 Anniversary Red Bra and Mirror Covers NEW! photos >>>>>>>>>

    SOLD, thank you! I bought this for my son's birthday and it was fitted on the car once but never driven. Unfortunately lost his job and had to sell the C5 ...........I have ordered new fastrac clips from Speedlingerie as he neglected to remove them from the car. This package was new at $748 from...
  7. mrm1149

    F*S* C5 CORVETTE Full set of 97-99 wheels LN

    Not a mark on these at all...........essentially like brand new. 17x8.5 fronts, 18x9.5 rears GM Originals include caps $260 for the set of four plus actual shipping................. I need space guys! $235 for the set.
  8. mrm1149

    F*S* Front Runflats LN! Photos........................

    This Pair is SOLD..........thank you. Pictures tell it all.......pair of Goodyear F1 GS runflats(EMT's) essentially new 10/32" tread gauged, these have 10/32" when brand new from Goodyear. Only on the car 400 miles before I sold it. These were manufactured during the 29th. week of 2010 so they...
  9. mrm1149

    F*S* Set of OEM Y2K Painted ALCOA FORGED NICE! PICS>>>>>>>>>>>>

    If you'd be interested these were on my coupe for exactly 18 miles ......... 2000 was the only year that the OEM painted wheels were supplied by Alcoa... Fronts are 17x8.5 Rears are 18x9.5 These are Forged Wheels as opposed to the '01-'04 Speedlines which are a Cast wheel. You'd be hard pressed...
  10. mrm1149

    Grand Sport Outstanding NCM Delivery

    Doggone, is that the patrol waiting for you in the last pic?:L What a gorgeous Vette!
  11. mrm1149

    F*S* Silver SPEEDLINGERIE Bra, Mirror Covers, Inside door pull Wraps

    All items are sold, thanks! The Silver covers all the various silver paint names we've had over the years....I had this on the '98 last summer and the fastrac clips are with it, Speedlingerie custom placed the black marine mesh in the license plate area for me. SpeedLingerie.com | World’s finest...
  12. mrm1149

    F*S* BPP Vortex Carbon Fiber Air Bridge NICE!

    Sold, thank you! This is the very best Carbon air duct in existence in my opinion...Comes with couplers as pictured and temp sensor installed for 97-2000 Fits any C5, simply remove the temp sensor and close the hole for the 2001-2004 This is $320 new at BPP >>> Breathless Performance Online...
  13. mrm1149

    F.S. Full Set Y2K Forged ALCOAS Photos ************

    SOLD, thank you Full set of GM OEM Forged Highly Polished Y2K's 17x8.5 fronts 18x9.5 rears Very nice conditon priced reasonably! $460 for the set plus actual shipping to your zip paypal or postal money order please.
  14. mrm1149

    F*S* Z06 Centercaps GM OEM Very Nice! >>>>>>>>>>

    Used but in very nice condition OEM GM Z06 centercaps, all tabs are intact etc. $38 set of four Includes Shipping to you in the 48 interior states I have a couple sets after changing to custom chrome, Postal Money order or Paypal.
  15. mrm1149


    SOLD to my longtime forum friend Jane Ann. This OEM set of wheels was Chromed by West Coast Corvettes ( IMO the best in the industry ) Used on my C5 for 2 years........... There is NO chrome peeling on these faces and no damage whatsoever. Sizes are 17x8.5 front and 18x9.5 rear Fairly priced at...
  16. mrm1149

    F*S* NEW Z06 18x10.5 Rears, Photos >>>>

    SOLD, thanks I just bought a set of chrome wheels from a member here so..... Selling these 4 - Z06 18x10.5 Rears that are brand new f.r. reproductions. Note that these 4 are SILVER in color and not the stock argent color. Caps are with them......... I'd like to see someone want them for what I...
  17. mrm1149

    F*S* Front G/Yr. EMT's 245/45/17 MIN. 9/32" with PICS >>>>>>>>

    SOLD, thanks This pair of stock front 245/45/17 Goodyear F1 GS Runflats gauges a minimum of 9/32" in each groove of each tire ( 90% remaining tread ) No issues or repairs and the rubber is nice and soft...........These are currently right around $600 or so per pair. Take these at $ 310 for the...
  18. mrm1149

    F*S* LN Speedlingerie Black Bra, Perfect! Pics >>>>>>>>

    Bought in March of this year and used for one trip. You honestly will not know this bra from new...........this one is without the license plate cutout , fastrac clips are included of course. Selling because I got a color matched one........... I pd. $559.99 plus shipping here >>...
  19. mrm1149

    F*S* PRISTINE Speedline Z06 Wheels w/NEW Tires PHOTOS ***********

    SOLD Bought my youngest son a set of CCW’s from a member for his graduation from college :cheers: Dad now has these for sale, Pristine set of '03 Z06 Speedlines with brand new ( 6 miles home from Discount Tire ) tires! Front Tires are Falken FK452’s ( Falkens luxury sports car tire ) 275/40/17...
  20. mrm1149

    F*S* >> C5 CORVETTE Z06 Rear Wheels 18x10.5

    SOLD I have a pair of rears: one Alcoa and one reproduction wheel. No rash on either wheel….The Alcoa had a 1” chip on the edge that was cosmetic only (NOT bent). Pic of that is noted. OEM caps are included, $255 for the pair Plus actual shipping. Paypal or postal money order.
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