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  1. L82Dan

    For Sale: 40th Anniversary Front License Plate Cover

    A virtually brand new ruby red 40th anniversary front license plate cover, OEM GM 10135973. Never used and was removed and stored away when car was new. I can provide photos for verification. Just email me @ RPO_L82 at att.net Price is $65.00 US plus the actual cost of packing and shipping...
  2. L82Dan

    NOS Oil Filters for Sale

    For Sale: 2 - AC Delco PF52 oil filter $3.00 each plus shipping Thanks for looking. Dan
  3. L82Dan

    NOS Fuel Filters for Sale

    For sale: 1 - AC Delco GF427 fuel filter paper element new $2.50 plus postage 3 - AC Delco GF455 fuel filter bronze element new $3.00 each plus postage Thanks for looking. Dan
  4. L82Dan

    Question: Anyone Using AC Delco RapidFire Spark Plugs in their C3?

    I was wondering if anyone has or is using the AC Delco RapidFire #2 spark plugs in their C3's. If so, how do you like them or don't like them? Any problems with performance, drivability, or poor mileage, etc? I want to change my plugs and was debating about using these vs the standard R45TS...
  5. L82Dan

    TBI Service Manual

    I found this while sorting out car catalogs: From Rochester Products, Throttle Body Injection T.B.I. Service Manual, #9D-10, dated April 1983, Supersedes 9D-10 dated January 1981. This manual covers models 100, 200, 300, 500 and two-by-one models 400. First $10 (which includes postage) takes...
  6. L82Dan

    Part Wanted for '79

    I am looking for a NOS or used original tachometer filter for my '79 w/HEI ignition. It's mounted on the intake manifold on the driver-side near distributor. If you have one that works, please post a message. I know about the aftermarket ones. I have seen these already. I'm hoping for an...
  7. L82Dan

    Misc Tune-Up Parts

    3 new AC Delco fuel filters GF455 (5651689) $3.50 ea 1 new AC Delco fuel filter GF427 (5651393) $3.00 ea 2 new AC Delco PCV values CV679C (6421972 $3.00 ea Additional parts available: 1 K&N High-Flow Air Filter E-1500 1975-1981 (slightly used, very good condition, not dirty) $25.00 1 K&N...
  8. L82Dan

    For Sale: Upper Radiator Hose

    Upper radiator hose with part# 14016075 UJ stamp on it. It has a 1 1/4" inside diameter. Will take $20 plus the cost of shipping. PM me if interested.
  9. L82Dan

    For Sale: Front-End Mask

    I have a never used Covercraft Industries, 1975-79 front end mask #MM42403 for sale. All parts and instructions included. Will take $50 plus the cost of shipping. If interested, PM me.
  10. L82Dan

    MSD Ultimate HEI replacment Kit

    I have a question for my very first posting. I have a 1979 L-82 with about 28,500 mile on it. I am the original owner. I have never had a problem with the ignition system, but have read the ads for the MSD HEI Ultimate kit that replaces everything but the distributor itself. It looks...
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