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    Back again about the 1968 garage find

    I paid $1500 for a 1968 T-top garage find that has been garaged since 1987. I was just offered $3000 for it. It is a 4 spd not original 327 with minimal options. It needs COMPLETE restoration but it appears to be complete. My question is, I'm sure if I part it out, I can make a lot more than...
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    out of garage so here's a couple picts. of the 68

    This 68 has no title but I'm fairly confident that when/if the DMV reopens, I should be able to get one. My question is, not having any personal connection to this car and, sorry to admit, I am financially not doing well. I am only in it for the money. I want to part it out as it should bring...
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    Value of 69 garage find?

    Hello - newbie, This morning, my friend said he needed someone to go with him to look at a car. Apparently the owner had died and his brother wants to get the house in order. I was surprised to find a 69 Corvette. The inspection is 1986. It looks to be complete but fairly rough. The person that...
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