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  1. invinceablevett

    C5 Callaway ( finally)

    Congrats on pulling the trigger....That's what brought upon a permanant smile on my face.....:beer
  2. invinceablevett

    montreal autoshow 2005

    I did a little research and can't seem to find out whether GM has the 2006 Z06 on display at the Montreal Autoshow.I cannot figure out why they would not bring one to the show.According to the GM Canada site,there is NO C6 on display.I'm baffled......I have to make some phone calls before I...
  3. invinceablevett

    2003 anniversary model Question

    I have alittle question about 2003 Anniversary edition Convertible Corvette that I am looking at.The information sheet I got from another dealer states that this vehicle has the( G90) option ...axle rear 3.15 ratio.....I looked at the 50thregistry.com and I believe that the standard rear axle...
  4. invinceablevett

    1992 BlackRose convertible for sale

    I never thought this day would come.My 1992 blackrose convertible is officially up for sale.:cry It has 60 000 KM(approx.37 000 miles),............a tan top and tan interior.Brand new tires(which I haven't installed yet).Forced-air Induction,Air-foil,Performance Pulleys,3.55 rear gear,Only...
  5. invinceablevett

    minor interior problem(lights and radio cut-off)

    I'm having a little problem with the system that keeps the interior lights on when I shut down the engine.When I shut off the engine and open the door my interior lights don't come on anymore,and my radio doesn't automatically shut off.The radio stays on untill I turn it off manually.I can turn...
  6. invinceablevett

    2001 base suspension

    Hi everyone.I had called for a 2001 convertible a while back and the owner just called me back asking if I was still interested.My problem is that the car does not have the 3.15 gears and it has the base suspension.I am wondering if there is a big difference between the two suspensions...regular...
  7. invinceablevett

    rear window

    Does anyone know if I can replace my rear plastic window with a glass one?I have a 1992 corvette convertible with a rear plastic window that has faded.Thanks in advance.
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