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  1. MagicDragon

    I am picturing a C12 In my garage...

    Thanks CallawayZ06, Yes Yes- I see many Callaway's in my future.....I'm picturing a C12 in my garage now! It WILL happen. It was great seeing you and your wonderful Callaway at Carlisle this year. Thanks for bringing it out for all to enjoy.
  2. MagicDragon


    Revvv up those creepers guy's and gal's. It's time for Dragster ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!! That's right this year we will have side by side drag races along with the autocross. We will also do SMACKDOWN for those of you who want to smack the living hell out of something (without going to jail)...
  3. MagicDragon

    Calling All Drivers

    The Northern Virginia Corvette Club is hosting a 9 event NCCC HIGH SPEED autocrosse up at Summit Point Raceway on October 9th and 10th! This is a great place to exercise your heart and Callaway (or non Callaway Corvette) for a very low price. The autocrosse is on the Jefferson Circuit and is a...
  4. MagicDragon

    New Cover for the Dragon

    Without a doubt my new VettesUnderCover Callaway Car cover is a winner! The workmanship and quality of fabric is far, far superior to any cover I've had in the past. This is a tailor made cover and it fits like a glove. So if your looking to get a new or upgrade your current cover I highly...
  5. MagicDragon

    Yehhhhh Baby

    What a wonderful event! Thanks to Chris Chessnoe!!!!!! The event was capped off by winning a Fun Display celebrity pick! The banquet was great- seeing everyone is such a treat. The 2nd Annual Creeper Challenge was a hoot;LOL Top honors for the individual race went to none other than the Road...
  6. MagicDragon

    Where to put the Chip Miller Stickers?

    Since we are all getting the pre-registration info with an enclosed sticker I thought it be good if we placed the sticker in the same spot. What do you all think about putting it on the windshield on the passenger side upper corner......Chip riding shotgun?
  7. MagicDragon

    (Callaway's @ Carlisle) COG Creeper Challenge - Details within

    Come ONE come ALL. IT's almost upon us "The 2nd annual COG Creeper Challenge" Just a few words about the event: Post time- When we're ready End of event- When we're finished Rules- Must be wearing some type of clothing- unless your a woman:eek then all rules are tossed out. Prizes- definitely...
  8. MagicDragon

    Thanks Luigi!!!

    You did a wonderful job on the CD!!! It was great to see you at Carlisle. Even though you didn't have your TT with you- you still managed to get behind the wheel(creeper) to do some competive racing! Thanks again! And see you next year.
  9. MagicDragon

    AeroBody ground clearance

    Big thanks Chris for bringing your Ruby AeroBody Vert over for checking clearance - Clarence. I believe it had as much or more than a stock bodied Vette. My driveway is at a steep angle compared to the street so I needed to be sure an AeroBody wouldn't scrape its pretty chin just in case one...
  10. MagicDragon

    88-120 Tt

    88-120 TT Hello All, I know some of you are waiting to hear about the Callaway I WAS planning on purchasing, the 100+ 88 car. The day after Carlisle I flew out to South Dakota to finalize the purchase. I checked the car out-everything was pretty much as the broker stated. Then it came time to...
  11. MagicDragon

    Not your average turbo charged engine.

    Boy if I could only stuff one of these in the Callaway. 5 MILLION ft\lbs of torque- yow! Mega Mutha Engine :_rock
  12. MagicDragon

    Hello Everyone-I'm a new member

    I finally broke the secret Callaway forum membership code. It's great to have a forum home of our own! It was wonderful meeting fellow Callaway owners at Carlisle! You all have unique kick butt Callaway's. Chris C. you are a champion. Thanks for making this reunion a GREAT one! You all are...
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