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  1. Baron138

    Borlas on at Carlisle

    I bought and had my Oval Quad Stingers installed in Carlisle. It worked out great. The thing that took the most time was driving the car through the crowds to get to the stand. I lined the trunk with cardboard, and brought the stock system home. I love them! It's a sound that I missed. At first...
  2. Baron138

    N.J. Vettes with Borlas, Corsas, etc.

    I want to change out the exhaust on my 04. I need more rumble than the stock offers. I want to do it just once though. I was wondering if anyone reading this post is in N.J., and has done their system. I want to hear the systems in person before I go with one. I know the subject has been beaten...
  3. Baron138

    04 polished alum. rims.

    What has everyone been using to polish these? I want to find out whats safe for them without trial and error.
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