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  1. panzer

    Z06 titanium exhaust for sale

    MY 2001's Z06 titanium exhaust is for sale. About 13,000 miles on them (they don't rust or wear out). I went to aftermarkets for racing performance. Prefer to sell to some one in VA,MD,DC(Wash DC) area. I will ship but buyer pays actual shipping cost. Asking price $450. Respond by PM.
  2. panzer

    Stainless Steel care

    I could not afford the chrome route on some engine covers goodies so I went with polished stainless steel. Windex or bathroom scribbing bubles stuff work prttey go to clean and shine up S/s. What does anybody use to keep smudges and dirt under control? It seems if I get my hands anywhere neat...
  3. panzer

    After market air filter systems

    I am a new owner of a a Z06(1 week :) ) and the usual first performace upgrade on my previous cars was to install a after market air filter system. I have been looking at all the ads of course with claims of 10 to 40 hp increase with the installation of their product. I have used K&N in the...
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