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  1. Erik S. Klein


    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but: Can a 67 coupe with AC, PS and PB also have a factory L-88 motor?
  2. Erik S. Klein

    Huge muscle car stash found!

    This is probably old news, but I liked the picture. . . (http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/article/Huge_muscle_car_stash_found)
  3. Erik S. Klein

    Free '94 brochure

    I've been cleaning up a bit and just found a nice 1994 Corvette Brochure. This is a very nice, large format (8x14) 38 page glossy item that covers the car from bumper to bumper. There's even a short Corvette history lesson. LT-1 and ZR-1 are covered. The outer envelope is there, but it's...
  4. Erik S. Klein

    ain't it a beauty

    Did you know that when you take a quick corner with one of these they lift the inside rear tire like a dog taking a pee? It's pretty funny. ;)
  5. Erik S. Klein

    $18,500 for a '92?

    I saw an ad for a local '92 ZR-1 for $18,500. It's described as "Red with Black Leather, Showroom Condition." The price seems a bit low to me although there could be any number of reasons. . . I haven't yet seen pics or gotten a VIN for a CarFax. . . Just a pipe dream, but what do y'all...
  6. Erik S. Klein

    Free Snap-on wrench!

    I jacked up the car this afternoon to check on an exhaust leak (didn't find it) and to do some general poking around. I looked up under the exhaust manifold and saw something up there that was cleaner than everything else. I reached up and pulled out a nice 9/16 Snap-On wrench. I only own...
  7. Erik S. Klein

    Replacing outer door handle

    Is there a worse task anywhere else on the car? Replacing the exterior door handle is crazy! That damn thing has to be the most inaccessible tricky little POS on the entire car. How do you even get to the bolts? Once you do, how do you get the latch armature disengaged and reengaged? How...
  8. Erik S. Klein

    C5 Limited Access

    Does anyone want an old Chevy Brochure from the introduction of the C5? It looks like it's something I grabbed out of a magazine. It's a bit dog-eared with a water stain on the cover but the stuff inside is clean. Looks like a folder with the various technical specs on the C5 on the pages...
  9. Erik S. Klein

    Midyears everywhere!

    I don't know what it was about today, but I saw several midyears driving around here which is kind-of unusual. First I'm pretty sure I saw the commuter '64 this morning (64DREAM) but I didn't get close enough to see for sure. Then after work I was taking my son to sports class and saw a...
  10. Erik S. Klein

    C3 documentation

    While I had my documentation package out to take the picture in this thread I snapped a few pics of some other stuff I've got for my car. For starters, I have the original window sticker: Which matches up well with the two part tank sticker I posted once before: I've also got a...
  11. Erik S. Klein

    Have you seen me?

    I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for several years for a magazine containing the following ad: Yes, that's my car back in the day. The ad would probably have run in the 1971-1975 timeframe, if ever. Have you seen this ad? I really, really want to get a magazine with it in there. I...
  12. Erik S. Klein

    So the backs came off easy. . .

    But the front bumper looks like a much bigger project! Gah! Does anyone have any hints, clues pictures or diagrams? My service and assembly manuals are in the mail. . . ;)
  13. Erik S. Klein

    Price for re-plating?

    I was just quoted $700+ to re-plate the bumpers on my car. This is the two rears, the front bumper and the front bumper guards. Does this sound reasonable or ridiculous? It's a local guy who ostensibly does excellent work, which I like, but could I do significantly better? I've got a...
  14. Erik S. Klein

    Best places for Corvette stuff?

    Okay, it's almost spring which means it's time for me to start thinking about projects. . . My question to y'all is this: Which Corvette catalog(s) provide the best stuff at the best prices? I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle, but I need to address paint (touch up, not a full paint job -...
  15. Erik S. Klein

    Very, very tempted

    I took my Vette out today for it's weekly warmup/shakedown and visited Courtesy Chevrolet near my house. I do this enough that the salesfolks know not to even waste their time with me! :) You know things are slow when the lot is all organized by color. All of the red vettes next to each...
  16. Erik S. Klein

    While the rest of you were futzing around in PA

    I decided to go for a spin today. After cruising slowly for a few blocks I got on a freeway onramp and accelerated as normal. At the top I realized that I had no power steering. . . My belts were once again not where they belonged. I pulled over quickly, turned on the hazards, popped the...
  17. Erik S. Klein

    Dodged a bullet

    I just got back from a "Sunday Cruise" - okay, I was a day early but that's not important. . . :) About 3-4 miles from home I'm pulling away from a light on a mild curve and all of a sudden I found myself without power steering. It shut off instantly so I figured it wasn't a fluid issue...
  18. Erik S. Klein

    Not really news, but

    I saw my first C6 "in the wild" today. Finally! I don't know what it is around here. I'd have thought I'd have seen a dozen by now. . . and I have been looking. At least it was a M-Yellow one! :)
  19. Erik S. Klein

    Radiator overflow. Why?

    I took the day off yesterday and decided to spend a little of it with my car. I stole away for a quick ride to get some breakfast and when I returned to my parked car I noticed about a cup of anti-freeze under the front. Being the paranoid type I immediately called my favorite shop to make...
  20. Erik S. Klein

    Tank Sticker Rescue

    About two years ago I was forced to replace my gas tank because of a leak (I really don't understand why they can't weld those! :eyerole) and I just finally got around to rescuing the tank sticker. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to save, but I did get this: At least I have more...
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