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    I got Bumps (Vert Question)

    I noticed a couple of days ago that there were bumps on my convertible top. There was one on each side up at the front (I'd say about 5 inches from the front of the top and about a 1/2 inch to the outside of the seem that runs the length of the top.) Well I stuck my finger under there and...

    Why no Master to be found

    The master cylinder for my clutch that is. My clutch has been getting lower and lower to the floor and the gears have been getting "sticky", especially when she's cold. I took the LT4 to the dealership (I know, I know...bend over and grab my ankles) and they tell me I need a new master...

    Rattle, Rattle, Rattle (Vert Question)

    OK guys and gals, I need some input from some fellow convertible owners. Since I bought my car about two years ago, whenever I have the top down (which is pretty much all the time unless its raining) and I go over a bump the top rattles. The sound is coming from the folded top behind the...

    Same size on all four corners?

    It's time to lay out some cash for some new rubber for the car. I know that OEM on my 96 is 255/45-17 on the front and 285/40-17 on the back. When I purchased the car is had 275/40-17 all the way around. I know the benefit of having all four the same size is that I can move them front to back...

    Brake noise

    When I back out of my garage, I am noticing a sound (clunking) coming from the drivers front brakes as I apply the brake. If I pump the brake it happens for 6 or 7 pumps and then goes away. Once the car is in 1st and going forward - no sound when I hit the brake. But if I stop & put the car...

    Seat Bezel

    When I bought my CE back in Feb., both of the seat back release bezels were broken. The dealer ordered some new ones and installed them for me. I just noticed that the driver's side is broken again. Are these things prone to breaking all the time? I know that Eklers and such sell these...

    Hot, Hot, Hot

    I was out running some errands and stopped to visit my cousin, who coincidentally bought a 96 LT4 within a couple of weeks of when I bought mine. Anyway, on the way back I noticed that the temp was going up. 230, then 240. Tried to make it home but got up to 250 and I had to pull over...

    Balancing an engine?

    Has anyone ever heard of an engine needing to be balanced? I purchased a 96 LT4 6spd a few weeks ago and have already had it back to the dealer twice for the same two problems, an oil leak and a wobble in the front end. At first I thought the wobble was just the tires being out of balance, the...

    1st to 4th Problem

    Has anybody had any problems with this 1st gear to fourth gear nonsense? I just purchased a LT4 6spd and everytime the light comes on and tells me I should go from 1 to 4, the darn thing doesn't even want to get out of first.
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