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  1. HeyJoelB

    C 6 Z06

    Hi James, I've always looked at the production numbers posted online here. I do not know about the dealer overrides. Welcome! I think you'll find this forum very helpful; I have!
  2. HeyJoelB

    New member

    Congratulations! Look forward to see pictures!
  3. HeyJoelB

    New to me C7 Questions

    Perhaps here: 2015 Corvette Tech Center - CorvetteActionCenter.com
  4. HeyJoelB

    Question: 17 Grand Sport Build Info

    Hi everyone, I received my build sheet and window sticker today for my C7 Grand Sport. In the production numbers found here on CAC, there is a Grand Sport code Z15. My build sheet says Z16. What is the difference and which is correct? Assuming I'm reading the production numbers correctly...
  5. HeyJoelB

    Hello CAC!

    Thanks! I'll look y'all up!
  6. HeyJoelB

    Hello CAC!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Top is down every morning on the way to/from work! Saving the wave, having a great time and finding safe parking.
  7. HeyJoelB

    Hello CAC!

    Hello all, I am new to the CAC and to Corvette ownership. I hope to find knowledge and guidance from the seasoned owners about care, upkeep and very minor changes e.g., tow hooks, sound proofing (yes, I'm old), license plate bracket and maybe some cosmetic engine changes. I've wanted a Vette my...
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