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  1. Rabbit

    Happy New Year

    Hope you all have a happy & safe New Year!
  2. Rabbit

    Battery connection

    Battery connection. Have never seen a connection of this type. Would like some help on removing. I think I know how it attaches, but not sure & don't want to mess something up. Thank you. Below is a picture of my 95 ZO7. Had her over 220 years, but time to up grade. Miss her.
  3. Rabbit

    C-5 seat bottom removal.

    How is the seat bottom removed on C5 power seats? Just purchased & bolsters do not work on drivers side. Any input appreciated. Thank,
  4. Rabbit

    1953 Corvwrrw

    TVRAACA Movie
  5. Rabbit

    Help! Cooling fans run continuously.

    1995 C-4, 31K. Cooling fans are running continuously. A/C is off, engine running at 197*. Checked for codes, none. Any suggestions? Thank you,
  6. Rabbit


    Test Don't shoot I'm under cover!
  7. Rabbit

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all members!
  8. Rabbit

    Gorilla Glue

    Anybody have experience with Gorilla Glue. ;shrug ;shrug ;shrug
  9. Rabbit

    Refueling fires

    Just got this in the club newsletter. Go to www.pei.org. Once there click on the static symbol. This shud be of interest, especially to your wives & girl friends.:eek :eek
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