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    Check Out This Build

    I haven't been on Digitalcorvettes for a long while. Here is what I stumbled on. This is one sick ride to be. DigitalCorvettes.com - 434 LSX Twin Turbo Project PICS!!! Unreal!! :upthumbs
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    C5 Corvette Build Sheet Found

    Guess where I found it? I found it behind the front bumper inside the steel reinforcement that the air filter housing attaches to. I took the nose off for a new Tiger Shark bumper and there it was. The car is a 99' Coupe, so if the same guy was on duty that day, that is where you will find yours.
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    Viper Sniper Vette Magazine

    The Viper Sniper made it into Vette magazine. I had the pleasure of seeing and talking to the owner of this awesome C3 in real life a few years ago at Hillcrest Chevrolet in Salem Ma. at their annual show. Congrats. on making it into Vette magazine. I enjoyed the article. There was no mistaking...
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    Time to upgrade that old C5

    With the new high hp foreign cars coming out, the release of a more potent Viper and the new supercharged Z coming, the need to upgrade those older 345hp-350hp C5 Coupes has become even more apparent to save yourself from being out right embarrassed, or humiliated on the road by an exotic, even...
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    ZO6 WEAK???

    Danica Patrick says ZO6 acceleration feels weak, then waffles on it feels stable at speed, then feels light lol! Sounds like she doesn't know if she's on foot, or horseback :crazy http://vettetube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=b6c3b5bea9515d1a1fc4&page=1&viewtype=&category=mr
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    Column Lock Failure

    The column lock finally failed on my 2003 ZO6. Sounds like I've been expecting it. ;) The BCM relays are good, it had a column lock motor failure. I removed the column lock motor, gears and most important, the pin. I ordered the column lock bypass from...
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    L92 Aluminum 6.2L Block

    Has anyone been thinking of a build from this block. I've been doing some pricing and found some pretty good deals. http://www.sdparts.com/product/12584727/L92Aluminum62LBareBlock406quotBore.aspx Imagine this block with a 4.125" crank? You are looking at a inexpensive 427ci. L92 heads are a...
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    She may be hot but don't let her drive your C6

    Here is what happens when you think with your..........................and not your brain!!;) http://videos.streetfire.net/category/Chevrolet/2/bfeaa255-f00b-45f6-8934-98b7002ee33e.htm
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    Hurst Short Throw Shifter Review

    Yes, I installed the Hurst short throw shifter Tuesday. The shifter is very easy to install. I removed the heavier springs that came on the shifter and swapped them for the alternate springs with less tension after the first test drive. Note: The spring tension is adjustable. Beware, this...
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    Natural Aspirated Positive Boost

    I knew the old Predator would be good for something. :L My Z is tuned with EFIlive, let's get that straight, but you can also use a Predator to monitor real time MAP data while driving if you don't have the real tuning software. I have been monitoring my MAP pressure on my bottom feeder Vararam...
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    Sea Foam Review

    There is a fuel system cleaner/decarbonizer called Sea Foam. I used it today to clean my intake, valves and combustion chambers. The stuff works awesome. It can be found at your local Autozone. Here are the directions for use. Start the car and wait for it to get up to operating temperature...
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    Wife's Birthday Bought Her a 99' C5 Coupe

    Bought my wife a 1999 Magnetic Red C5 Coupe fully documented with only 30K miles on it. The old owner from Connecticut traded it in for a new C6 here in Middleboro Ma. at McGee Chevrolet. He took very good care of this one, very clean and completely stock. He even saved us the original window...
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    Ported/Polished LS2 Throttlebody

    I have a LS2 throttlebody on my FAST 90 intake on my ZO6 that I recently ported and polished. You would not believe the results, I was shocked. Any of you that have this throttlebody may have noticed that the throttlebody is mounted on an upwards angle to meet the air bridge ductwork. If you...
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    Sounded more than 7000rpm. The reaction to the failure is puzzling. I don't know who's Z this is but I would be very upset. http://videos.streetfire.net/recentvideos/0/c35fe54b-e1e9-4733-978a-9836004baf08.htm
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    Bought the catch can for the oil in the intake issue. Here is the one I got. I'll let everyone know how well it works. http://www.zerotek.net/oilcatchtanks.html
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    FAST LSX and LS7 Throttlebody

    Installed my FAST LSX 90 intake and LS2/LS7 90mm throttlebody. I got a sweet deal on the throttlebody from Texas-speed.com. Anyone interested in this combination you need to also purchase the wiring harness adapter to make the throttlebody work on their C5's. You also need 1/2" longer bolts to...
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    Heavy Duty bought a C3

    Where is Heavy Duty? Show us the new pics. of your new C3 Vette. I do still have the pics. you sent me, but I don't want to steal your thunder, so where are you?? ;) It's very nice btw :upthumbs
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    C6 ZO6 Stock Cam Spec.

    Does anyone have the specs. on the stock cam in the C6 ZO6? I'm looking for duration and I/E lift. Not advertised please.
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    Custom C4 Paint what do you think?

    Check this out!! Figured I'd give you all another look brought this one back again. http://neptune.spacebears.com/images/gallery/ugly2.jpg
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    Mass. Vette and F-body Cruise 7/2 2pm

    There will be a cruise tomorrow 7/2, 2:00pm at the Star-Drive-in Rte. 79 East Taunton. All you hopped up F-Bodies and Vettes are wanted. If you have to work, call in sick lol! Directions to the Star Drive-in are as follows: From the North Rte. 93 and Rte. 3: Rte. 128N to Rte 24S Rte. 24S to...
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