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  1. Daryllawman

    Blower Motor Hi Speed

    My hi speed switch does not work......where do I start to look. All the other speeds do work.
  2. Daryllawman

    Unleaded Fuel Only Decal....Placement?

    Can anyone tell me where the factory put the " Unleaded Fuel Only " Decal on the 78 pace car or the 79 with the optional rear spoiler. I know that without the spoiler they were just under the gas lid and not on it. With the spoiler on, it covers up that spot....thanks in advance
  3. Daryllawman

    Six or Seven Blade Fan for a 79 L-82 ?

    Did the 79 L-82 come with a six or seven blade radiator fan ? I have a/c and a clutch fan with six blades. It stays cool with this system but was just wondering. Vette mags show seven blade. Is there a diff. in them other than one having one more blade?
  4. Daryllawman

    Front Air Dam on a 79?

    I have a 79 with the optional front and rear spoilers like the ones on the 78 Pace Car. I was wondering if you need the front Air Dam also when you have the spoilers? Does the front air dam bolt onto the bottom of the radiator? Thanks in advance...
  5. Daryllawman

    Headlight Motor Needed 87 Drivers Side

    Looking for a Headlight Motor for the drivers side on a 87.....
  6. Daryllawman

    A/C Vents...

    A/C Vents...???? I have a 79 and I want to remove the two vents above the guages in the center console and replace them. Do I remove these from the front or do I need to go in behind the bezel to get to them?
  7. Daryllawman

    Corvette Side Pipes ?

    Just wondering if Side Pipes were ever a OEM on any year ? Did any ever come from the factory with them already on the car ?
  8. Daryllawman

    Fuse Box Diagram ?

    I need to get a diagram for the fuse box on a 79. I cannot read which fuse is for what. The owners manual doesnot show it either. Any help on this ?
  9. Daryllawman

    Where is the Bulb located ?

    Where is the bulb located on the heater/ac control ? All of my other dash and console lights work . I have a 79.:confused
  10. Daryllawman

    Wanted plastic tray behind seat 1979

    Looking for the black tray that sets above the jack in the back behind the passenger seat in a 79.
  11. Daryllawman

    Wanted Info. on Lee white Letter tires ?

    I have Lee white letter tires on the 79 and I was wondering if anyone had the address or how I can get in touch with them to buy a new tire....I have them all the way around and I found a soft spot on the sidewall today. I would like to just replace just this one as the other three are almost...
  12. Daryllawman

    Car won't hold in Park ?

    :confused I have a 79 with a L-82 and Auto Tranny.....If I am on a hill , ever so slight even.....I put it into Park and it will still try and roll forward. The park doesnot hold.....only if I use the Parking Brake or park on level ground.... ?????????
  13. Daryllawman

    Tire size for a c-4

    :confused On my 88 all the tires are the same size in 17 inch........on my friends 95 they have one size on the front and a bigger tire on the rear. When did they change to diff. size tires on the c-4 and why.....Just wondering.....:confused
  14. Daryllawman

    Factory CB Radio ???

    :) I was just wondering what year did GM have as an option for a CB Radio installed in a Vette ??
  15. Daryllawman

    88 DIG. Dash Problem ?

    Right side of my dash went out.....Lights only.....gauges are working.....Anyone have an answer to put it back on track or know of somewhere that I can send this one in and have it fixed? Thanks in advance...... Note: Ebay has one that is rebuilt and its for sale at 499.00 with no core and...
  16. Daryllawman

    Power Ant. Replacement ?

    I am getting ready to replace the power ant. on my 88. What are some of the " Do's and Don'ts " to doing this? Is there any short cuts or is it by the book? I already have the new ant....thought I would see what kind of reply I get before I go and tackle it. Thanks in advance....... ;help
  17. Daryllawman

    Opti Spark ?

    What does the opti spark do ? What year Vetts did they come out on?:confused
  18. Daryllawman

    Gold Emblems or Not ?

    I have a Black Vette and was thinking about changing the crome emblems to Gold. Most of the interior is Gold on Black already.
  19. Daryllawman

    L-98 Engine Question

    What is this large round metal with the four bolts on it for? ;shrug
  20. Daryllawman

    Front License Plate Bracket ......?

    Can someone tell me how the front license plate bracket comes off on a C-4? Have looked, maybe not that well, but didn't see the bolts or whatever holds them on. Thanks in advance.........;shrug
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