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  1. Trixie

    California Smog

    I have a question for those Californians with a vette 30+ years. I have a 1975 and just received my registration papers for the DMV. My tags are up in September, so these new ones will take me through September 2005. They did not require a smog check this time. Last year they required a...
  2. Trixie

    Mold and Car Covers

    I hope I am posting this on the right forum. Here's the skinny. My vette unfortunately has to sleep outside. I purchased the high-end breathable cover from Mid America in late December, and when I uncovered the car over the weekend to take it for a drive, there was mold growing everywhere...
  3. Trixie

    I just bought a '57

    Okay, okay, it is only a 1:24 model. Just an FYI that Target Stores is carrying die cast models of the '57 and '68, different colors, in the mens' section (near the socks, etc). They may have other years, but I stopped looking once I found and red and white '57 (my dream car). It was only...
  4. Trixie

    Ladies: Italian Charm Bracelets

    Have any of you gals seen a Corvette emblem charm for the Italian Charm Bracelets? My friend picked me up a Harley emblem the other day, but I haven't run into any crossed flags yet. Any leads on where I can get one?
  5. Trixie

    Calling all C-3 T-Top Owners

    I have a 75 which has very little room behind the seats for anything. The hubby and I are going to the coast this weekend, and I am worried about scratching my tops. I tried to get a T-top suitcase from Ecklers Fed-Ex'd today, but since they do not keep them in stock, it is not possible...
  6. Trixie

    Curb takes a bite outta my Shark

    I have a front spoiler on my 75 Stingray, and went spoiler bashing last Friday. It is breaking my heart even writing about this. I had really poor judgment on a curb and it took a bite outta the spoiler. It's sorta "V" shaped and only about an inch long at it's biggest point. It cannot be...
  7. Trixie

    Seatbelt light won't go off

    My "Fasten Seatbelt" light will not go off, even when both seat belts are securely fastened. What do I do to turn off this light?
  8. Trixie

    Do you think Corvette will adopt a retro look

    With the retro looks of the PT Cruiser, Prowler, and now the port-hole Thunderbird, my question is does anybody think Corvette will produce a car with a retro look from one of the first three generations? Would you like to see this happen, and which generation would you like to see them...
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