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  1. J

    Dynojet results on the 93!

    First time ever at the dyno, what do you all think? RWHP: 279.3 RWTQ: 314.6 The guys there were impressed with the torque curve, FLAT AS A BOARD, I mean completely horizontal on the print out. I was hoping to be 250+ for rwhp so I am pretty pleased.:)
  2. J

    advice on a new shifter

    I want shorter throws/reliability, etc. It seems that B&M has one about $75 to $100 more than the Hurst. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with these or any other brand. I would also like to eliminate the reverse lockout feature on the stock shifter. Thanks in advance!!:pat
  3. J

    '93 badges (40 years)

    Did all '93 Vettes come with the 40 year badges on the side or did the previous owner add them to my car? Thanks.
  4. J

    Bose cd player not working?

    I have heard these are problematic b/c of dust, etc. Is it worth it to get it repaired or just buy an after market cd player? I really like the stock look right now so if anyone has personal experience with this it would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. J

    procharger install in FL?

    Does anyone know a reliable place for the ATI Procharger to be installed on an LT1? I am trying to find somewhere between Daytona and Orlando for example? Also, do I need anything else that is not included in the basic kit, for ex, updated (95-96) optispark, 24lb injectors, etc? Thanks for...
  6. J

    5th gear redline in LT1?

    My basic shift points if WOT: 1st: ~40 mph 2nd: ~60 mph 3rd: ~80 mph 4th: ~110 mph Will 5th take you to max speed? (like the Z06 guys) or will we gain any mph in 6th b/c of gear ratios, etc? Just wondering if anyone was brave enough to know by personal experience? Thanks in advance:pat
  7. J

    I got it bad!!

    Spend a couple of hours detailing the car with Zaino for the first time. Really used some elbow grease to shine her etc....Well of course then you have to drive the car to complete the polishing process:t. I get on I-75 south, wow it looks dark (going to rain) but about 1/2 mile ahead is my...
  8. J

    Wow-first 1/4 mile run in the LT1!

    I went to the track here in G-ville FL. My first time ever "draggin." Set the rears at 32psi, went around the H20, heart pounding, sun is setting, did a little burnout, my "stage mate" was a Z28. I creeped up, oops, sort of went past pre-stage to the stage, still nervous. The tree hops down...
  9. J

    what rpm to launch at? ASR on?

    2nd night with the car but just had to try it. I got a 14.1 @105.9 mph (via G-tech pro). I really think I should be able to get her in the 13's easy if I just knew how to drive her (my first six speed) First question. What rpm do you LT1 guys launch at? Second question. ASR on or off for...
  10. J

    wow! Just bought a 93 six speed!

    I am in love with her already. 17,000 miles on the odometer and my first "six on the stick" (six speed) ever! Two things I need to find out: my cd player does not work. I have heard they usually have a problem with dust, etc. Is it common to have it repaired or just replaced it with...
  11. J

    for sale: "noncrossfire" 84

    84 for sale, make me an offer I am letting my baby go. Here is the skinny: IMO a unique 84, edelbrock heads, edelbrock cam, Weiand intake manifold, 4 barrel Holley 670 cfm carb, new timing chain, shift kit (automatic), electric Holley fuel pump, new radiator, new Paint job (dec 02), ZR-1 RIMS...
  12. J

    LT4 in an '81?

    My father is wanting to put an LT4 (or an LT1) in his '81 and would like to have it with a four-speed. Is this possible? Please provide any feedback, even if you think his current four-speed has to be changed to a six-speed with a new tranny.
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