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    any help yet...

    Okay lets try again,,90 c68 a/c. will set a/c at any temp,say 65.will jump to 75 ,and blow hot air. have changed out the dash head unit know good. Changed out the vacuum control module .same thing .Changed all vacuum lines ...they needed it.also changed the check valve at the rear of motor...
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    90 a/c module

    looking for 90 a/c module .this one is under passenger side up near the firewall.has an eletrical plug and approx.six vacum line .
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    more a/c questions

    Have not found this problem in the search so here goes.have automatic climate controle.set a/c to anything below ambent temp.blows fine sometimes allday most times only for a few seconds.will jump to 75 and blower will set to zero. no codes on the head unit.swapped it out with a known good one...
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    fuel rack leak

    just noticed a fuel leak on my 90.it`s leaking at the fuel rail where the fuel line goes into the fuel rail.might be an o- ring? question...how does the line come apart? do i have to undo both fuel in and return lines all the way back to the regulater? i am sure somebody has had this apart...
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    a/c vacuum diagram

    found several old threads on my latest a/c trouble.blowing out the floor and dash only.understand connector at module under dash is prone to leaking.real pain to get to.question now is where on engine is vacuum plummed to controler and does any body have diagram of vacuum lines...factory...
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    hard starting

    Lets hope someone has seen this .tried looking in "faq"but no help .intermetint no start when cold ,start and die,a half dozen times and then car is fine .had all injectors rebuilt new fuel pump .sounds like pump is coming on but ...besides being blind in one eye ,i don`t hear all that well...
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    dual removeable roof panels

    Just wondering,I see the option for dual roof panels,Never seen it on a c4 . Is it like a c3 ? with two glass panels? had that on a camaro,was easier for wife to remove than that big one piece of glass
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    surge at idle

    Let me throw this out for you all to ponder. Changed plugs ,cap, rotor, and wires running good. Next changed o2 sensor and replaced tpi switch set to .59volts .fuel mileage is 25+on the highway with my foot in it pulls great. Still feel surge when hot and at idle.Also notice tach and volt meter...
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    a/c question

    I am sure somebody out there has had this problem. No codes .On a/c, blower does not change speeds when pushed up /down, numbers change nothing eles. Also no change when temp is set ,what i mean is automatic climate controle is not mantaining temp .Will blow cold full time or hot full time .Am...
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    a/c question

    Tring to check codes on climate control.Usaed self diagnosis like manual said.push both fan switch display -00 .Push auto and unit should disply codes .getting a 00 not used code anybody have any luck with this.Air out of ducts is not very strong ,fan on 10 all doors for ducts seem to be...
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    90 wheels

    Just wondering ....got lead on a set on stock 90 wheels is there much demand for them? I know it`s one year only.looking to buy and turn em around ,any comment?
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    removing clear coat

    Let me throw this out there.Would like to remove clear coat on wheels. Acetone did not do anything. Very fine steel wool takes awhile.Did this on my bike and steel wool cut threw alot faster ...guess the coating is not as thick. I`ll sit back now and wait for all the replys to come rolling in .
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    New to this site guys ,sure these have been ansered before. Radio is very low tape cd is inoperable. Worth the time and money to fix or is an after market the hot set up? Also tach is also reading high all the time. Any one care to put in their two cents?
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