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  1. chuck

    Grand Sport Any Experience With Hankook Tires?

    I have a set of Evo 2s. This is the new design. All tires were less then 45 days old. I like them.
  2. chuck

    F/S New 70-76 Al Knock Door Panels Black

    A new set of 70-76 Al Knock black deluxe door panels. Walnut panel, i believe the 76 had teak panels to be correct. They have been in storage a few years and the glue on the walnut panels has come loose in a small section on each panel. I have pics of the panels and the area that needs glued...
  3. chuck

    Cal Custom Finned Aluminum Valve Covers

    New set of stock height Cal Custom finned polished aluminum valve covers. Small block. Gives your engine the old school look. $100 + shipping. Retail for 139.99 at Summit. Email for pic. Chuck
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