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  1. JimBobC4

    A good time for 100 bucks ?

    I have come to discover that I will be at home this weekend ALONE. No kids or wife to interupt my Vette time in the driveway ! WOO HOO ! 2 full days of washing waxing and nice 70 degree weather :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle Now for the serious stuff, I have about 100 dollars (yeah I'm rich !)...
  2. JimBobC4

    Steering Noise ? Rack issue ?

    I took my 1995 out today to wash it and noticed a distinct clicking in the steering wheel. The click only happend when the wheel was turned off center. So when going straight and the slightest turn or correction is made, the initial turn of the steering wheel results in a "click". I could feel...
  3. JimBobC4

    Question: 1995 Power Antennae Replacement

    Hello All ! Been a while since I have posted. I finally found time to take the cover off my 1995 Convertable and noticed the power antenna no longer worked. The motor does make noise but it does not go up or down. I'm fairly certain a repair is needed. My questions: 1. How hard is the...
  4. JimBobC4

    C4 U joint replacement

    I spent the last weekend making trips through the Tennessee mountains, and made one really "spirited" trip down the dragons tale ( US 129 ) Afterword, I started getting the tell tale clicking noise from the back axles. I think its time for the U joints to be replaced :ugh I've done a...
  5. JimBobC4

    1995 Power Antennae troubleshooting.

    The power antenna stopped working last night, right after I finished the door panel repair :boogie. Gotta love it I have the preliminary FSM with the troubleshooting chart for the antenna, but I still have a few questions. The car is a 1995 Convertible. How do I get to the motor and the...
  6. JimBobC4

    Help! Door Panel fasteners Late C-4

    ;help Does anyone know of a source for the door panel fasteners that push in at the bottom of the doors on the later model C-4's (1995) ? ;shrug I've had my door panel off three times and the old ones are officially junk. I'm tired of picking the old ones up off the ground. Thanks.
  7. JimBobC4

    Rear End Fluid replacement

    I'm now to the rear portion of my 1995 6 speed 'vette. Next on my list this weekend is draining and refilling the rearend housing. Again, I went to the GM dealer and was met with a strange look and after several minutes was handed a bottle of Fluid with a little bottle of friction modifier...
  8. JimBobC4

    Lt1 Exhaust recommendations ?

    After driving my 1995 6 speed a few hundred miles, I've decided I want a little more bark to go along with the bite. I want a muffler (or chambered pipe) that lets me hear the LT1's music but doesn't resonate inside the car. I want a sound that is healthy but isn't obnoxious like Bubbas truck...
  9. JimBobC4

    Question: C4 Touch up Paint ?

    I have been to 2 GM dealers in search of touch up paint for my Dark Red 1995 convertable. One dealer advised the paint is no longer available.:confused The other dealer brought out something that was obviously ancient. It had the consistency of cold syrup (after I brushed off like 5 layers...
  10. JimBobC4

    1995 6 speed Transmission Oil ?

    ok. I just got back from the GM dealer and purchased 4 quarts of what I "think" is supposed to go in the transmission of my 1995 6 speed. The guy that sold it to me wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He made me very nervous. In the end we had like 5 differerent bottles of oil on the...
  11. JimBobC4

    Question: Ceramic Brake Pads, Metallic ? ? Yes or No ?

    Having nearly completed the interior portion of my 1995 convertable, I am now starting the brake portion of the semi-restoration, restification, money spending, ... whatever. Thanks to everyone on this board ! :thumb What brake pads does everyone recommend for my application ? My car...
  12. JimBobC4

    Question: C4 Rear End Types ?

    In the past I've read about 2 different C-4 rear differential carriers in the C4 corvette. The 6 speed seems to have a more heavy duty rearend. A Dana 66 ? I think. ;shrug I'm familiar with the 10 bolt and 12 bolt Chevy as well as the 8 inch 8.8 and 9 inch Ford rearend designs, as well as the...
  13. JimBobC4

    How Rare is my 1995 6 spd Convertable ?

    I have been reading about the Copper Metallic Vettes and how rare they are. I'm interested in knowing how rare a 1995 Dark Red Metallic 6 spd convertable is. How can I tell ? ;shrug I have production figures for the convertables but it seems not many had 6 speeds and even fewer ( of course)...
  14. JimBobC4

    J55 Heavy Duty Brakes ?

    I have been researching the RPO codes for my 1995 convertable and have found my car has the J55Heavy Duty Brakes among a host of other high performance RPO codes. :thumb (3:45 6spd, etc ) I have the front tires off and it looks like standard vette equipment to me. I have done a search...
  15. JimBobC4

    Help! Deformed Sport seat side bolsters

    I have finally finished refurbishing all the wiring and the air pump system for my 1995 Convertable with Sport seats. I used both this forum and my handy dandy FSM. Thanks to all ! Everything works, moves, and pumps up like it is supposed to ! Now I just have to reassemble the entire interior...
  16. JimBobC4

    Sound insulation, is it worth it ?

    I have removed the interior of my 1995 convertable for refurbishing and floor repair. I have noticed VERY little insulation exist under the carpet. I understand that GM was trying to save weight but Im willing to add a pound or two. Are the sound deadener kits I see for sale worth the money ...
  17. JimBobC4

    Help! Gear shift knob removal.

    I'm stripping the interior on my 1995 Convertable and am down to the console part. How does the six speed gear shift knob come off ? Is it pressed on or does it screw off ? It's REALLY on there tight and I don't want to break it. I'm going to have to exert a LOT of force either way. .
  18. JimBobC4

    Help! The incredible bouncing headlight

    I have noticed when turning the lights off on my 1995 Convertable, the right hand headlight continues to " bounce " after it is all the way down. It seems as if the motor is still trying to pull the headlight down even after it's at rest. It bounces 4 times then stops. Everytime. I have...
  19. JimBobC4

    Question: How to clean debris from AC\Heat system ?

    First of all hello to all ! I've been a member since 2004. However this is my first post. I have just purchased a 1995 Ruby Red Convertable with 78k miles on it. In my usual fashion, I bought the car and brought it home and started taking it apart. Apparently the car sat outside for an...
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