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  1. StillDreaming

    Questions about solenoid doors?

    I have questions about the solenoid doors: First how do you shut them? Are they like the Cady trunk (C6 hatch) or can you close them like normal? Second, are they reliable? Because if I get lucky one day I will be purchasing a 2006 C6 in 2008 or 2010 used of course. Are they safe, do they...
  2. StillDreaming

    Televised unveiling of C6?

    I thought I read some where that they were going to unveil the C6 on TV. Does any one know what date, time and what channel it is supposd to be on? I wish I could remember. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. StillDreaming

    C6 on Chevrolet.com!!!!!!!!

    GM web site has the Corvette C6 and the other cars in the intro, just like the commercial. Check it out.... Longer version of the commercial, 2:00 minutes, more shots of C6.
  4. StillDreaming

    Question? (column Lock)

    I am starting to look for a used Corvette and I am concerned about the Column lock problem. Does the column lock while you are driving, making you crash the car? Or does it have something to do with messages or the security of the car? Someone please explain what the problem actually is...
  5. StillDreaming

    April 2003 Motor Trend MAG

    All, Motor Trend has more pictures of what they think the 2005 C6 will look like. Very similar to what we have seen before, but the front end looks better. Car is on the cover, with two pics inside. I would try to include pics but the pics that I would send are spread out on two pages, very...
  6. StillDreaming

    2004 Cz06?

    Does any one have any information about the 2004 CZ06? Dave Hill has announced that something will be different on the 2004 CZ06 that Corvette has never had before. I got the heads up from the C5regisrty-hot news section, but I am not a member to figure out what they are trying to say. Any...
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