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  1. Paranoid

    GM original Kustom headers?

    Anyone have any info on these pipes? supposedly used on L-88 Vette's and also available over the counter from GM The Item numbers are 3960709 and 3960710 and is stamped into the flange. Looking for any additional info anyone might share. The primaries run a little different than the...
  2. Paranoid

    Guys who are using Hooker side exhaust with their BB.

    Check out the pic below. Do these look like the Hooker side exhaust you're using? These came off a C2 and the seller is unsure of the brand. He said there is no marking or "hooker" badge on the pipes. He also said the pipe dia is 2.25 in, maybe he means OD and not ID. The side pipe length...
  3. Paranoid

    Who's running a BB with an M-22?

    What rear end ratio are you using and do you like the acceleration? I'm running a 454 with an M-22 with a 3.36 rear and think my results could be better. I did have an M-20 with my SB. When I swapped in the BB I thought it would work better with an M-22. I'm thinking of switching to a 4.11...
  4. Paranoid

    Series 4 rear end carrier?

    I bought a used Series 4 rear end carrier(differential), the code is correct for 4:11 gears that year. BUT! Is there any way to confirm that the gears inside are really 4:11's?
  5. Paranoid

    Decoding a Corvette rear end?

    Is there anywhere online where I can find info on decoding a Corvette rear end carrier/diff?
  6. Paranoid

    4:11 carrier larger?

    Someone told me today that 4:11 gears and higher require a larger differential housing and that these larger one's are not too common. 4:11 gear set won't fit in a 3.73 and lower housing?? Anyone hear of this ?;shrug
  7. Paranoid

    Does anyone have the video's of this Vette?

    On their hard drive? The links on the site don't work any longer and I had them posted on my site. Now those links are dead. Anyone recognize this Vette? It's got a 502 RamJet. There were 2 video's, the second one, the vette is taken out onto the highway and they drive past what looks like...
  8. Paranoid

    AC Delco PF-1218 Another Victim Of Downsizing.

    :cry I bought the taller filter on the right about 6 months ago and the one on the left today.
  9. Paranoid

    No More Blowing Smoke!

    :_rock New rocker arm, pushrod & double nutted the rocker arm for now. Compressio now 180 in line with the rest #3,5,7. http://corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77917 http://corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78731 Wish it wasn't raining like crazy here or...
  10. Paranoid

    I was going to do a leak down until I found this.

    :cry Cylinder #1 intake valve. The nut must have backed off, I could move it with my fingers. Could this be part of my smoking problem? Can I simply replace the pushrod without removing the intake?
  11. Paranoid

    Blowing Smoke...I think I found something.

    Here is part one from a while back:http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74303 I haven't had anything except time to think about this problem. I figured that before I start ripping the intake and head off I try the simple things first. The obvious? Here: I've got oil...
  12. Paranoid

    Well, I got the valve cover off tonight.

    Got the valve cover off and plugs #1 & #5. All I had time for tonight. Cranked her over after disconnecting the fuel line and coil. Nothing came out of the plug holes. Didn't take a shot of the plugs but #1 was black and #3 a tan color. #1 was not fouled. The was no miss during idle the...
  13. Paranoid

    Blowing smoke. I think I'm going to be sick.

    I last ran my vette about 2 weeks ago to a local car cruise. It ran great, came home and put her in the garage. Uneventful day. Today we planned to go to another cruise, so I go start her up and back her outa the garage and after a few minutes theres blue-ish smoke coming from the drivers side...
  14. Paranoid

    First video attempt using my Sharkbar camera mount.

    Some disclaimers. 1. This was not shot with a video camera hence the picture isn't that good. I used my digi cam which can take small videos. 2. The T-tops were out & it was windy, hence the wind buffeting noise. 3. I repeat this was a first attempt. My last name isn't Speilberg. 4. I...
  15. Paranoid

    I can't imagine driving my C3, 35 years ago!

    As a daily driver??? :eek It's my wife's birthday today so we went out for about an hour and a half drive round trip. Engine ran great. It was about 85-90 deg here today and sunny. This BB really heats up the interior. We went into part of the city where we had stop & go red light traffic...
  16. Paranoid

    Wanna hear my BB?

    I made another short video of my BB ideling @ about 800rpm & reving to about 3500. The idle sounds high on the video, but I think the solid lifters make it sound like it's idling higher. I didn't use an actual video camera, but my Sony Mavica CD400 which is actually a digital camera which can...
  17. Paranoid

    I need a racing harness.

    I got the C5 seats finally(thanks FastcashDave). Now I need a harness. What's a good racing harness to use? What are you guys using? I saw a few different lengths being offered too. I heard Simpson started up again? Worth the price? Also advised to get "cam-locks"? Opinions?
  18. Paranoid

    1970 Shoulder Harness belts.

    Make me an offer. Best offer takes them. mozuch@aol.com They still work. Rust has not rusted thru.
  19. Paranoid

    SharkBar 68-73.

    Got it installed today even though I'm just starting on the interior. As you can tell from the pictures the interior is pretty "ratty." Carpeting & everything is all original 35 year old stuff. The foam in the seats is turning to powder. :L This is the first step for the interior. My seat...
  20. Paranoid

    Two shoulder belts and retractor.

    What are they worth? Both original (1970). I'd say fair "appearance" condition and "good" operating condition? $100/pr? Opinions?
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