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  1. Huntermartin

    For Sale C2 parts for sale

    1967 327/300 A/C car built 2-28-67 in St. Louis. Need an alternator. What dates do you have that would be appropriate for this car? Thx
  2. Huntermartin

    Record Keeping

    Even though I am old school on my paper/3 ring binder system, I decided to go new school so I asked Chat GPT (the artificial intelligence platform) to make a recommendation. Here is what it produced in less than two seconds: Me: Help me create a table of contents for collector car...
  3. Huntermartin

    DMV or other Data Bases

    Thank you Tom. Believe it or not I identified the original owner by contacting the local library's historical records division in the hometown of the dealership where it was ordered new after ordering a NCRS shipping data report. Hopefully this approach will work for others.
  4. Huntermartin

    DMV or other Data Bases

    I am looking for ownership records from 1968 in California and Louisiana and would like ideas for the best search options. Mainly DMV registrations, but possibly insurance salvaged vehicle sales as well. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. Huntermartin

    Finding Our Old Corvette

    Have you reached out to the Tire Town Corvette Club? They are in Summit County and it's likely someone there will know your Vette if it is still on the road.
  6. Huntermartin

    Record Keeping

    Thank you Tom. You have given me some things to think about. I spend most of my days in the digital world, but have concerns about my heirs locating everything when I am gone (Passwords, site names, directory location, which device, etc.) With dual authentication it could be even more difficult...
  7. Huntermartin

    Record Keeping

    I have not been able to find any guidance or examples of classic car filing systems on the internet so I am hoping you can help me better organize mine. I am curious to know how you organize your records, specifically, what order and categories are contained in your system? Mine are in binders...
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