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  1. nashville68bird

    '82 Crossfire with 700R4 tranny question

    I had my tranny shop pals rebuild the original tranny and have now put about 50 miles on her. For those of you that have this engine/tranny combo, you know that there is that ever-present "deadzone" when cruising roads at 40-50 MPH....the tranny slides in to fourth gear and the engine RPM drops...
  2. nashville68bird

    Competent Crossfire Shop

    Anyone had success in finding a good Crossfire shop or mechanic in the AL-TN-KY region?
  3. nashville68bird

    HEI Distributor recommendations for 1982 5.7 Crossfire

    I would like to hear any recommendations you all may have for replacing my Distributor Assembly for my 1982 Collector Edition 5.7 Liter CrossFire Engine. Thanks in advance.
  4. nashville68bird

    Silver Condenser/Capacitor between Injector and Distributor

    While messing with the distributor last evening I noticed a clean silver capacitor mounted between the injector and the distributor assembly. Brown wire in, white wire out (or vice-versa). Neither end of the wires were connected to anything. I am assuming the original owner disconnected this...
  5. nashville68bird

    Update to 82 Collector NO START troubleshooting

    This is a new thread covering my Won't Start Up issues. Once we confirmed the ECM, fuses, and all relays were working, we verified there was no spark going from the Coil to the Spark Plugs. Last night I received the new Power Coil, and removed the top off of the old one. What I found was...
  6. nashville68bird

    Troubleshooting possible fuel pump failure

    Folks, Driving down the road last week, heard something like a click or clack (felt like it was from behind me) and the Vette petered out on me along the road-side. Acted as if I had run out of gas but tank is full. Engine turns over like normal crank but doesn't start up. Again, as if out of...
  7. nashville68bird

    Wipers power OFF while driving in rain.....

    Have never driven my 1982 Vette in the rain for any extended period of time.....until yesterday that is. After 20-30 minutes of wiper use the wipers powered off all by themselves and would not power back ON. Luckily the windshield glass angle blows most of the rain off and I was able to exit...
  8. nashville68bird

    1982 Fan/Blower switch does not activate/control the blower

    The blower/fan worked just fine a week ago, now I get no action when engaging the switch. I know there is an extra relay for the MAX setting, but where is the fuse that protects the blower in all the other modes (low, middle, high)? Not an obvious fuse labeled in the fuse box. I was going to...
  9. nashville68bird

    Headlight switch rod is H-O-T Hot

    This past Saturday evening we drove for an hour or so, and while pulling back in to the garage I reached to push IN the headlight switch....my fingers passed over the round switch itself and momentarily touched the actual pull-pull rod....was TOO HOT to touch for more than a millisecond! What...
  10. nashville68bird

    Old School A/C versus conversion

    My 1982 Collector has a good running A/C system but its starting to blow cool air, not cold. Would like to hear from any of you in the same boat and if you converted to the new refrigerant, or payed some local shop to refill the old style.
  11. nashville68bird

    Replace Drivers side power window motor challenge (HELP!!!)

    Have new motor on-hand but cannot remove the old motor due to the window being stuck in DOWN mode. As many of you know, you need the window to be around 1/2-way down/up so you can access the three bolts on the motor. With the window full DOWN the glass and metal track are in the way and there is...
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