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  1. VETTEX2

    headlight gears

    If you are familiar with the gears going bad here is a free fix that worked for me I handcranked the headlight up took off the 10mm nut holding the arm to the motor ( you gotta take the top cover and black side cover off ) hand cranked the motor until the shaft rotated 180 degrees re-attached...
  2. VETTEX2

    found a simple cheap way to fill the transmission

    Amazon.com: Sprayco R32 32 Oz Long Reach Plant Waterer: Home Improvement works on an A4 I'm thinking it should work on a manual I just used a heat gun to make the tube bend the way I needed it so it would fit. I doubt it would work with 90wt but dexron flows easily and it worked to perfection...
  3. VETTEX2

    worst mod ever ?

    click for a bigger pic and a laugh. post up the worst mods you've seen !
  4. VETTEX2

    who makes the hard plastic.....

    floormat inserts ? I can't remember who I got mine from 5 years ago:W
  5. VETTEX2

    socket size ?

    what size is needed for the oil pressure sending unit ? 1 & 1/16th or 1 & 3/16ths ?
  6. VETTEX2

    rockauto discount code

    - You give this discount code: 8149491369 to friends, neighbors, relatives, the guy at the corner garage--anyone you know who works on cars or trucks. - When someone places an order at www.rockauto.com and enters your discount code in the "How did you hear about us" line of the shopping cart...
  7. VETTEX2

    18" wheels up front

    I'd like to put the same rims on the front as on the rear. I have 2 sets of identical factory magnesium rims. I'd also like to use the same size tire front and rear. Any suggestions , experiences ? I assume spacers will be needed due to the different offsets. Any computer / active handling...
  8. VETTEX2


    how much horsepower can it handle stock?...modified?
  9. VETTEX2

    Wiper Stalk

    Anybody keep whacking the stalk and turn on your wipers by mistake?:eyerole :eek :crazy :bash :nono :puke
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