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  1. BigRed

    Doors interior handle??

    My Dad is seriously considering getting back into a Vette (His forth) but the thing that scared us was the interior door handle!! Where is it?? I read on the forum that it is a electronic switch....WHAT!! What happens in an accident and the battery gets killed or cut off or lets say a bad...
  2. BigRed

    Falken Tires

    I just got my Falken ZE512 tires in the shop today and I have to say Im impressed! They are VERY pretty on both the tread and the sidewall. I gotta get my SLOW wheel company to get me back my refinished rims to go try them out though! Anyone have or knows anyone with these tires? As far as...
  3. BigRed

    Couple Questions

    I just purchased some Falken 512 Tires for my car because our supplier at the shop basiclly carries them! I know nothing about them cept I got a really good deal on them any input? Also Im now putting in ANOTHER rack cept Im doing it myself as well as the power steering pump, is there really...
  4. BigRed

    Rim Question

    Ok I have 38mm spaced 16x9.5 rims on all four corners... Now Im looking at a few different rims and so Ive got rim from 17"-20" I really really need to know the sizes of the new tires for 17 18 19 and 20 inch rims so I can make an economical decision but also a flashy one. Can someone...
  5. BigRed

    Valve Cover Help

    Just got the Valve covers in yesterday now Im looking at the lines Hmm.. No oil cap..Fine I can fill through the PCV. The PCV location/grommet size is ok. The question I have is, do I install one of those fancy chrome filter style breathers? Or do I somehow make the current breathing...
  6. BigRed

    Engine Upgrades

    I posted a few of my ongoing's in the tech section but its gotten NO attention so I figured I'd try it out over here. Right now Im currently taking a older GM alternator with internal regulator and making it fit into a newer (my 85) application. Not a big deal I customized the case without...
  7. BigRed

    Ground Connections

    Where is the body grounds in this car?? I am getting shocked every time I touch a screw here and all my underhood connections seem fine. Ive heard about one underneath the rear deck but before I go tearing down can someone give me a for sure?
  8. BigRed

    Texas Chaunsaw Corvette!

    Texas Chainsaw Corvette! Well I got to thinkin... Since Im doing the rad..... I decided to Pull out the Alternator and change it with a 140amp chrome one. Upper intake manifold and repaint New Die cast alumin Chev Valve covers GOOD BYE POLLUTION!!!!!!!!!!! New Optima Red Top battery...
  9. BigRed

    Rad and Alt...yawn

    Yeehaw Im an Idiot. First of all I was in a jam a couple years ago so I dumped in a Bosch Alternator.. Mistake one. Then I over heated last year because my battery wire for the rad fan came off. Mistake two. Because of my situation I added water. Mistake three. My ancestors...
  10. BigRed

    WetOkole Seat Covers

    I just ordered Via internet the Wekokole Seat covers. All Black red piping with Corvette letters done in White. Has anyone ever used these covers?? Are they good? I think they are but WOW for the price I paid I better REALLY like them!!
  11. BigRed

    Digital Dash to Analog Help

    Well I got rammy and after my digital dash went chinese on me I hit it a little to hard (POS I hate that thing). The glass behind the tach shattered. SO.... Im going to pull it ALL out and intalling new analog gauges. (Prbly the Autometer Classic Gauges with cream backing and chrome...
  12. BigRed

    Is there anything really new?

    Ive been out of the "mix" for awhile so Hello and Merry Christmas/Happy new year. My question is there going to be anything REALLY different that sets this Vette aside from all the other same classed sports cars out there? Is there any thought of a AWD? Are they ever going to go back to OHC...
  13. BigRed

    Glass trouble

    Having a bit of a dilema! Had my car vandalized....again but anyways all they did was smash the drivers window. Now I bought the new glass and went to have it installed (I got NO time) Now the owner is a friend of mine and he is having major difficulty getting this thing to line up! He's...
  14. BigRed

    =Jeff= Help! My car runs terrible!

    Not just aiming at Jeff but I know that hes really good with this kind of thing. My car runs like crap on cold startup (Ive mentioned this problem before and had little response) As soon as my digital dash reads off LO on my oil temp and reaches a number (60 something) I run just fine. Now I...
  15. BigRed

    Climate Control

    PHOOEY! I was cleaning the car and while moving the heat/cold selector side to side I think a lever or rod broke or undid itself......Hmm Now Ive had this unit nearly out before and the reason I couldn't remove it was because of a red wire that seemed to be soldered into what I thought was the...
  16. BigRed

    Cancelation of Corvette

    Well Ive been reading all the posts. Looks like everyone is in incredible anticipation and arguments both ways are starting to boil over a little....Kinda entertaining mind you at the end of the day were all buddys LOL Anyways... I have heard from a source out of GM that the short run of the...
  17. BigRed

    Our stupid HORNS!

    I don't know about you guys but my horn sounds like it belongs ona YUGO! I mean for THREE horns what a POS. But good news is... I got a Caddy in the shop today for more than enough in problems but for some reason I hit the horn....YA!! That thing sounds AWSOME Loud yet suttle, Masculine...
  18. BigRed

    This is what C6 SHOULD look like

    I wish this car was made I think aside from the C12 Callaway this is the single best "Vette" ever created. All GM has to do is MAKE IT and they will come LOL Here what I think is the perfect C6
  19. BigRed

    Mild confusion regarding engines

    I was looking into crates (Dreamin) and ran across HT383's and ZZ4's and such but anything good seems to have fine print that says for 1976 and previous... Im guessing they have no outlets for sensors and perhaps the heads have a different port shape and such.. I have a 1985 and I want to end...
  20. BigRed

    Tire Expertise Please!

    Ok currently I have 16" rims with 255/50 R16's on I WANT to go Y2K Rim so 17" all the way around however if I stick with 255/50's the exterior diameter is going to be to big for the car by an inch.. So I need help determining a tire size to make up the extra inch of treadwall. Also Im...
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