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  1. echo4golf

    '93 Odd Electrical Issue(s)

    I put my car back on the road last month and, lo! The tachometer was working again. I had been on-again off-again for some time, and for the last year inoperative for the most part. I've been meaning to find and check the ground on the firewall as I understand that's sometimes an issue. Anyway...
  2. echo4golf

    "Removed from Service" for the winter...

    Got to make plans for winter jobs and then waiting for spring... Always waiting.
  3. echo4golf

    Help! 1993 DLC (ALDL) connection dropping

    Hi Folks, An issue that has been going on for awhile with my car is that there are lot of errors with pulling data over the DLC. It's happening regardless of what tool I'm using (MasterTech, Tech 1, Bluetooth box (with ALDLDroid or Tuner Pro RT). Thinking back, my mechanic reported the same...
  4. echo4golf

    It's Window Regulator time!

    Or it will be very soon. Life has intervened and it will be this weekend before I get to the job. The question that I have on this one is: what else should I do whilst I've got the door disassembled? I've got to clean up and lube all of the lock linkages. In fact, I disconnected the driver's...
  5. echo4golf

    1993 Service Ride Control | SRC Code 14

    Today, my plan was to reassemble the console and then either tackle the driver's side window regulator (and lock mechanism while I've got it apart) or see what was up with the Service Ride Control light. The latter won out due to commitments for Dad's Taxi Service. The SRC light has been coming...
  6. echo4golf

    Jerry's 1993 Ruby Project (Link)

    Hi Folks, I'm keeping track of my car projects over here if you're interested. Nothing too out of the box, but I thought folks might like to share. Comments welcome. Best, Jerry
  7. echo4golf

    Lateral Accelerometer service

    Is the lateral accelerometer in my 93 user serviceable? I've got an ongoing intermittent error evidenced by Service ABS and Service ASR light illumination that resets to normal when the car is restarted. The CCM tosses an error 76 when this happens. I haven't looked at the unit yet, but am...
  8. echo4golf

    Back on the road again.

    Pix tomorrow but the short version is that I'm tired of waiting for my window regulator --ordered in May!-- and I put my car back together this afternoon! My son and I are out and about and I'm making a list of what needs fixed as we drive. I missed this car. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537...
  9. echo4golf

    FS: Innova 3120 ODB2+1

    Innova 3120 ODB2+1 This unit works fine but will not scan my '93. Needs 3 AA batteries. I used rechargables. I found software to hook the thing up to my PC online, as I recall, and there is a $99 ABS upgrade available from Innova. ($85 including US shipping. Paypal)
  10. echo4golf

    FS: MAC ET2100MT (Mastertech 3100)

    Mac ET2100MT (Mastertech 3100) ($320, US shipping included) Flakey display. Seems to work after it's "warmed up" though. Needs new nicad batteries. It seems to work OK on standard rechargeable Duracell AAs, but the book calls for "High Capacity" ones. Also will need an AC, and / or a 12 volt...
  11. echo4golf

    FS: Tech 1

    Tech 1 ($550 including US shipping.) Works like a champ. Includes 81-93 Body Systems v1.2 Cartridge 88-93 Chassis v1.4 Cartridge 81-93 Powertrain v1.2 Cartridge Other carts 12v plug Adaptors
  12. echo4golf

    Hello from MD

    Hello from Prince George's County Maryland! I have a 1993, 40th Anniversary, Coupe. My father was the second owner and when he passed in 2011, I wound up not having the heart to get rid of it. At the time, my brother and I planned to sell it as it needed a lot of work. It had been sitting...
  13. echo4golf

    '93 Courtesy Light Relay Location and Access

    Hi Folks, Having an issue with the courtesy lights in my '93. The issue started with the lights flashing on and off randomly while driving and progressed the lights staying on all the time--even after the DAB should have shut them down. I tried adjusting the switches and wound up replacing...
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