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    Help! 1999 C-5 BAD B C M ?? OR TURN SIGNAL SWITCH ? OR ......?

    OK, I thoght about grounds but didn't think it was the cause since the symptoms are still there and consistent key ON eng OFF. The delay in the start of symptoms makes me THINK it's related to a module or ppackage of some kind... Today I noticed the fog lites if turned on will flash when the...
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    Help! 1999 C-5 BAD B C M ?? OR TURN SIGNAL SWITCH ? OR ......?

    suddenly my dash lites started to flicker, along with all the 'display lites' on the a/c control, stereo, and any other little letter or indicator lites. The front day time marker lites are OUT, The front turn signals do not work but they both flicker fast. When I use the TS lever BOTH of the...
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    Help! IGNITION SWITCH replacement/access

    Has anyone had to take the ignition switch out ? (87 c-4 coupe, auto, tilt, telescopic column) The FSM is a little vague on the procedure and was hoping for some tips and guidance on the process. I'm having an intermittent problem with the starter....turn the key and nothing happens. Then...
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    Question: New vats modules?

    Who has them? who sells new modules. How can you do a proper bypass to make it home when the module acts up and won;t cooperate? Grounding the module green wire seems to allow it to ok starter and run . otherwise its dead as toast. Any suggestions as to where to buy NEW vats MODULES?
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    FYI on C4 electrical

    A few days ago I decided to get off my a$$ and install the new battery tray thats been sitting all over the house for the last....year?:eyerole Anyway, while I had all that mess apart I decided to go ahead and remount the fan relay, 2 MAF relays, FP relay and replace a bunch of old rotted...
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    designing a fan circuit

    This is going to be a fall/winter project along with a stack of others... After this summers brutal ambient temps that would overwhelm my a/c condensor at idle in traffic and send the system to high pressure where it would cut out and leave me sweating until the lite turned green, I've decided...
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    2004 Zo6 PBR front brakes for C4

    Complete package: all brand new 2 C5 ZO6 calipers red (new never installed) with heat sinks & Corvette letters on face. 2 abubtment brackets 2 adaptor brackets for C5 to C4 fitment 4 stainless steel brake lines all bolts & seals/boots 2 front drilled/slotted rotors All except the pads. Must...
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    starter motor(s)

    I have a bigger diameter forward Y pipe that was added on several years ago and has served me well... However, It is directly below the starter body... I noticed that beginning in 88 and 89 they went to what looks like a mini-torque starters. QUESTION: how well do these perform, last and...
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    Question: 84-87 headlight motor/actuator

    84-87 Headlight Motors-Actuator-Limit Switch Since nobody answered the original query ..... I'll rephrase the question.. In the early headlight actuator motor, what is the glass bulb inside the motor thats wired between the set of limit switche breaker points? To refresh someones memory...
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    Headlight actuators

    need some help....rebuilt left, spins over like a top... problem is that it won;t spin the right direction ! 1st up 2nd down.. Or vice versa... what in the switch can do this. any takers? Lh headlite actuator. Innerds. Limit switches and you still got good insides.
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    Question: Headlite Actuator Timing

    Ok, I've dealt with this before but cannot remember what the cure is...:ugh Repaired one actuator and re-installed, but its now 180* out of sync with the other... one goes up while the other goes down. Turn headlites off...1 up 1 down.. Turn them on, same deal. Good news is that its really...
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    Question: headlight actuator

    Anyone have a drawing of the actuator? '87..
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    Question: Question for the master techs...fuel pumps

    What is the function of the brown square "thing" that the wires pass thru in the fuel level/pump sending assy inside the tank? I ask because of a strange thing that happened... My old sender was bad, level sender broken so I got another...salvage part, pulled it from the donor car myself...
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    Corvette parts/salvage & butchery

    While killing time last week I came across a Craigs List Ad for an '87 vette to be available for parts on 1-15 (saturday) at a local dismantlers yard. Reading further discribed this car as in good condition and for parts ONLY. Not to be sold whole. The picture was nice, almost too good to be...
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    L98 intake base-plate

    question: is there a difference in '86 intake bases compared to later L98's? Does the intake for the iron head fit the aluminum heads? only 86? other yrs? I ask because I have opportunity to buy a complete intake, base, runners and plenum off an 86. Do not know if it came from iron heads...
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    Texas Mile Weekend

    Finally I get to attend an event thats about the home builder, the pro, teams, performance shops and just about anyone. The event is shameless. There is no competition against another car or driver. Its one car, on the line, a signal to GO, and then flat out see how frigging fast you can go in...
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    Digital dash rebuilders/parts

    Anyone have a ph number or a name of someone that can get parts for a digital cluster? Even a rebuilder that might be able to order the part that I need. Thanks
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    A/C 134a conversions Blue-Tube

    A few weeks ago there was a thread about a/c and engine heating. I had heard of this before, but another member suggested that a Ford "blue-tube" orifice tube be installed because it was a little smaller and worked better for converted r-12 systems. Well,. while doing some research on this and...
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    Crossfire TBI pressure

    Question: how is fuel pressure checked on a crossfire? Is there a test port for a gauge? or do you have to splice a gauge in the line somewhere temporarily? I ask because a buddy inherited a Chevy P/U with a TBI motor and seems to be having intermittant FP issues. We were wondering where the...
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    Question: Fuel Tank rust

    I pulled my dead fuel sender :cryover the weekend to see lots of rust on the underside of the top plate and the steel tubes. Pretty discouraging to see all that crud IN my tank. (sender contact broken off, new assy required) My question is, does anybody know of a coating or some material that...
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