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  1. Ironranger30

    Corvette is making Whining noise

    Hey guys, i got a quick question. i have a 2003 Z06 Corvette. When you get it up in the R's around 6000-redline the car whines like it has a supercharger. I dont feel a loss in power or feel any different, but im just wondering if anyone would know what that might be? Tensioner pully maybe or...
  2. Ironranger30

    Anyone have these wheels, or any pics of these wheels on cars?

    Im looking for a picture of a C5 with these wheels,Preferably a yellow one? If you have one or know of any pics plz post them up any color it doesnt matter. They are on OE wheels website. They are a C6 style z06 wheel with rivets and a chrome polished lip. Im really thinking of getting these...
  3. Ironranger30

    FS: Set of Z06 Wheels with tires

    The wheels are stock sizes 18 and 17 and they are just aluminum color. The backs are bald but the fronts have 70-80% left and they are firestone wide ovals. 295-35-18 and 265-45-17. Make me some offers for them. im gettin new tires and wheels soon.
  4. Ironranger30

    How do i turn off twilight mode..!!

    I know this is probably a dumb question but i cant figure out how to turn off twilight mode my lights turn on way before they need too its still bright as hell out haha.. any help would be appreciateed. i know to go to configure twillight but i cant change it to off instead of on.
  5. Ironranger30

    Anyone know where to get a Nice C5 Z06 Jacket

    ive been looking around there is only a couple ive seen and there ok but im just wondering if anyone knows of some places to get a nice one, leather, or just a nice one. if you got pics post them. thanks guys gotta support the Corvette community :)
  6. Ironranger30

    WTB black motorsport wheels C5 or C6

    send me a pic of them, let me know a lil info about them price and anything else about them, I would prefer tires with them too but if not thats ok.
  7. Ironranger30

    Help On Installing Cam on C5 Z06

    I have a 2003 Z06 and i want to put a cam in it to get a little more horse and a nice cam sound. I dont want to go huge where the car barely idles or almost dies out but i would like a noticible lope. What cam would you guys reccommend? Where is the best place to get it? anbd how hard is it...
  8. Ironranger30

    Im trading flush mount taillights or Stock ones

    I have a blackout kit on my car and cant put it on the taillights cause my car came with the actual flush mount taillights, all of them are in great condition or cracks or scrapes or anything. Im looking for your stock taillights that are inset a little so i can put my blackout kit on. My car...
  9. Ironranger30

    Z06 Nitrous questions

    i have a 2003 Z06, and i am thinking of putting nitrous on it just a smaller shot 75-125. probably only a 80. The car has 78000 mile si think i dont remember its in storage. IS anyone running nitrous on a stock internal Z? Any problems, what kit are you running. The ki im looking at is a ZEX wet...
  10. Ironranger30

    Nitto INVO tires? Anyone run them

    I need some new tires i was reading about the Nitto INVo street radial and was wondering if anyone runs them or has heard of them. Or what tire is the best to run so i dont spin as much from a launch.
  11. Ironranger30

    Need some Advice with nitrous On 03' Z06

    I am thinking about putting a smaller shot of nitrous on my 2003 Z06. Anyone have a kit on theres? is it realible? easy to set up? i have 78,000 miles also. The kit im looking at is the ZEX Kit 75-125. any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys
  12. Ironranger30

    Trickflow head/cam package// Thoughts? anyone have this kit

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has heard of or tryed this trickflow kit. its in summit racing magazine for like 3000.00 ish. Just wondering what kind of HP/TQ numbers you can pull from this kit i have a 2003 Z06. if anyone has any info/pictures/or videos of this kit pleese post them
  13. Ironranger30

    Blackout kit for flush taillights??

    Hey guys, just wondering if they make a blackout kit for the taillights that are flush mount or curved or whatever there called :) If not does anyone wanna trade there 4 stock taillight assemblies, for my 4 flush mount ones. i wanna put a blackout kit on the back but i cant with these lights...
  14. Ironranger30

    Lets see some pics/ or info on Vertical Door kits for The C5 Corvettes

    I wanna put the vertical/lambo door kit on my 2003 Z06. kits seem like them are either 2000+ or under 400. i dont want a kit that looks like crap or doesnt work. but i could find a better way to spend 2000. anyone have a kit installed or know of a good kit around that is ok on price and...
  15. Ironranger30


    Im just wondering if i take the cats out can i get a custom tune so the check engine wont be on, i dont want the car to run lean or rich by taking the cats out or anything like that. the cars a 2003 z06. If anyones messed with the cats or knows wha to do here, or the best option i would...
  16. Ironranger30

    Whats the Best O2 Sims? and Where can i get them

    Hey guys i just bought a 2003 Z06. love the car but it throws a Check engine light every now and then because of a cat Convertors. Dealer thinks they are carboned up/plugged. Car has 65,000 miles. I am gonna cut the cats out but where can i get )2 Sims that actually will work. thanks a lot guys.
  17. Ironranger30

    Looking for CCW black wheels

    I am looking for CCW wheels preferably 18 front 19 rear SP500's but will take any set. with or without tires. let me know if you have a set or know anyone or anywhere to get these wheels cheaper. thanks guys
  18. Ironranger30

    Wheres the best place to get the CCW SP500 Wheels

    I wanna get a set of CCW Wheels he sp500's 18 in front and 19's in back with tires if i can. anyone have them on there car? also where is the best and cheapest lace to get them. Cheapest ican find is like 3000.00 with tires.. any help is appreciated
  19. Ironranger30

    HELP!! Who makes these wheels??

    Hey guys, i recently got a 2002 Black Z06 and i really like these wheels and i want a set. im not sure who makes them or where to get them or the price or anything. So if anyone can help me that would be great, its buggin me i cant find out who makes them.. thanks for the help guys.
  20. Ironranger30

    Questions about the "Z06" vette

    I am looking to buy a corvette and was originally thinking a 2001 base one (not Z06) but i wanta Z06 now that i drove one they are wicked and the control is amazing.. the prices are different everyday on these car most are 30000+ one day then they are 25000?? I have 25,000 i am willing to spend...
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