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  1. Tomrw

    Help! Keyless Entry

    The second remote for my car has stop working, it will not reprogram using the lock-unlock 7 second hold. I replaced the battery. Reporgraming would hold for less than a day and had to be redone, now it won't reprogram at all. If I buy a new remote and I have found plenty of other threads on...
  2. Tomrw

    Help! Power Antenna

    My power antenna has just stopped working; the antenna is almost all the way up. When I turn off the ignition I hear a clicking sound from the trunk and then it stops, but the antenna goes nowhere. Is it time to buy a new module? Any ideas where I can get a good price? Thank you for your...
  3. Tomrw

    Conv. Top Window Un-glued

    I discovered today that the window in my top has started to come un-glued, upper left corner to be specific. Look like the gule has dryed out. Otherwise the top is in good shape, the car is garaged most of the year. How to I affect a repair? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
  4. Tomrw

    Car will not start.

    Ok, it was a sunny day and I wanted to get over the fever that happens when I can't drive the vette because of bad weather. Last driven in January when the temperature hit 62 F. This is what I found: Battery is dead, nothing was left on. Hooked up the battery charger, and after about a 1 minute...
  5. Tomrw

    Extended Warrantee

    The week before last my gas gauge suddenly dropped to zero. Stopped at the Chevy dealer near work, the said they would take a look and let me know. The result was it needed to be reprogrammed, total cost $200. Again this Friday the same thing happened. This time it needed a new sensor...
  6. Tomrw


    This winter I won't be driving my car. What should I do to before I put it in storage? Thanks Tom
  7. Tomrw

    EMT Tires

    It looks like I will need to purchase replacement tires in the near future. I would like to stay with the run flats. What do you recommend? Thank you for your comments. Tom
  8. Tomrw

    Roll Bars

    I was looking into what safety equipment I need to take my car out to the drag strip. I see that I need to add a Roll bar. I've looked online, but haven’t see anything for a C5 Convertible. Where do I start? My car is a daily driver, so are there units that can be installed and still have...
  9. Tomrw

    50th Anniversary Convertible $$$$$

    I was at my local Chevy Dealer this week to have my C5 serviced and I wandered into the showroom. Got a good look at the 50th Anniversary Convertible, I really like the color combination. The salesman said if I could drive it home for $76,415. What prices have you seen in your areas? That...
  10. Tomrw

    Service Parts Identification Label

    May be a dumb question, if I took the time to look? But, where would I find the Service Parts Identification Label on my 2000 C5 Convertible? Thanks Tom
  11. Tomrw

    Front End Noise

    When I am driving very slowly and cut the wheels all the way I get a scrapping sound. Any ideas?
  12. Tomrw

    Service Column Lock

    Drove to do some shopping, got a great parking spot in the garage. Came out an hour later, put in the key and the engine starts. Then DIC shows "Pull Key Wait 10 sec”. Ok I’m good at following instructions. So I wait and try again now I get “Service Column Lock”. Called AAA, waited for 90...
  13. Tomrw

    Noise dB

    Does any one know what the dB levels are in the Convertible, at idle and 70 mph? I looked all over and can’t find any test results. My wife is looking a buying BMW Mini and wants to compare the noise specs and the Mini to the Vette. Thanks Tom
  14. Tomrw


    I am interested in making a few modifications to improve the performance of my C5. The prior owner installed a Bassani Exhaust. What other simple changes should I make to the air intake, etc.? Are these any good books and manuals on making modifications to the C5? Thanks Tom
  15. Tomrw

    Interior Temperature

    I would like a suggestion on how to cool down the temperature in the interior of the car short of running the AC all the time.
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