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  1. Yoda

    Day Light is RARE

    Ah November... 'tis the month for RARES annual Texas State Safety Inspection: Last year as I recall I managed 48 miles from Nov. 2012 thru Nov. 2013.... Well I have reached an all time low in my Corvette Lifestyle. I am ASHAMED to post what kind of mileage abuse I did from Nov. 2013 thru Nov...
  2. Yoda

    Happy Birthday "Guy"

    :birth Guy. Note: this ole boy has been around since The Action Center and Moby Dick were mere infants :D One of the original Surpremes in Colorado Springs :dance Enjloy today and hopefully a ride or run which ever trips your fancy ;) Bud
  3. Yoda

    My Goodness LT4man...

    :w Gregory and :birth I never would have guessed 61 :chuckle, but then I haven't seen you in couple of years :D Hope weather is nice enough in Chicago for a ride and a big burger and malt :dance Happy Birthday Greogory and many more to come :thumbs Bud
  4. Yoda

    It is the "DIVA's" Birthday

    :birth to one of my favorite Corvette People GS Diva (Elaine).. This woman breaths, walks, drives, talks and LIVES Corvette. She has to be a DIVA I can think of no other name to fit such a wonderful graceful Lady.. Have a great Day Elaine XOXO from the Yoda along with :birth wishes from here...
  5. Yoda


    :chuckle No one escapes the annual ritual of GETTING OLDER.. even you Boss :D I am amazed that you are getting older, Jedi's age so gracefully eh... ;LOL Find a little time to get the ZR 1 out today and enjoy life a bit, put the keyboard down and grab the steering wheel :lou :Steer for some...
  6. Yoda

    TatorTot is 31

    Hey Tatar it is you birthday :birth.. Hope all is going good for you and your 81 :D I remember the old days with Lou, Mike and few others in the old chat room. Hope college is finally behind you and you are successful and doing well. :birth, :lou, :Steer Bud
  7. Yoda

    LOU, Rowdy 1

    Today is my BROTHER LOU's birthday :eek For this very special occasion I wish you a great birthday and I select this Song] esp JUST for YOU.. Luv ya man.. Bud
  8. Yoda

    GeekBIll Birthday

    He fellow Leo :birth Well .... You are now officially old enough to Know Better but still Young Enough to do it anyway ;) :birth Bill enjoy your day in the Mountains with a run thru the Hills in the Corvette then a short spin on the Motorcycle :dance followed by a nice big Porter House!!! If...
  9. Yoda

    A REAL Tree Wacker..

    I could watch this all day... I want one :thumb Man sized tree remover!!! Bud
  10. Yoda

    Happy Birthday Baldie88

    Here is a :birth wish for you Ron... Got to respect a man not afraid to list his age :thumb Get out there and ENJOY your day, and may you be blessed with many more to come :Steer :lou Bud :pat
  11. Yoda

    vetteboy86 Birthday

    Well, Well, Well today one of our Moderators celebrates his 31st Birthday!! :birth Craig.. Hope your young family is growing like weeds and everything is going good for ya :thumbs :birth enjoy being young, somehow we all get a bit older each year :eek Bud
  12. Yoda

    Scottsredvette Birthday

    :birth Scott :thumb Enjoy your day, and may there be many more ahead of ya... smooth highways, good tires and your butt planted in the seat of your Corvette ;) Bud
  13. Yoda

    The Weather Channel??

    I wonder if anyone else is put off by the NEW morning edition of the Weather Channel? For crying out loud... it is the WEATHER CHANNEL not another morning talk show :mad I CAN NOT stand the new format esp. that idiot Sam whatever his last name is!!! Just the weather mam just the weather!!! I...
  14. Yoda

    Hey Army...

    239 Years of Dedication To Our FREEDOM Bud :pat
  15. Yoda

    Birthday today for Red Vette

    I can't believe all these folks having Birthdays that I personally know and most I have met :eek This member is a a dedicated CruiseFest attendee, and loves his RED Corvettes. Barrett here is wishing you another :birth and many more driving through those gorgeous Colorado Mountains and...
  16. Yoda

    Another Good Friends Birthday....

    :birth navy2kcoupe ... Andy as I know him :D and I wish you many, many more years on this blue marble... It is your day ole buddy. Thanks for all you do and for being there as a friend... ;) :thumb Now get it on old man ;LOL :rotfl :chuckle Bud
  17. Yoda

    My Ole Pal has a Birthday TODAY

    ROCKETBLOCK has been around here since forever.. we met at the Auburn CruiseFest and instantly became live long friends.. We maintain our friendship via the Corvette Action Center and through weekly or more correspondence. He and his wife Sharon have been here for me at every turn and twist...
  18. Yoda

    A GOOD Friends Birth Day...

    So Gerry you are another year older eh... :D Ah to be 53 again, what the hell lets turn the clocks back to 31 or so :thumb You ARE a great asset to the L81 VetteRegisty and to the Action Center.. Your knowledge is needed and it is great that you take the time to share it. Many members...
  19. Yoda

    New York State: HB Bill

    :birth "billvette81" :D there is that L81 Connection ;) :thumb May the streets be clean clear and smooth enjoy a :Steer today and know ya are always Welcome here in Amarillo Texas... Bud
  20. Yoda

    HB Wish to catbert....

    :w Rich many happy regards today and to all those Birtdays in the Future!! :birth Rich, and thank you for being a friend... I feel your support always.. :birth Bud
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