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    anyone have a non resetting trip meter

    was wondering how many people have a trip meter that will not reset? if the numbers are racking up as you drive,,but you can not reset to 0000 i can help you get it going again.....this cable reset was used from 1963 to 1977 carl
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    oxblood floor mats

    selling the oxblood floor mats (out of my 73 )i bought at bloomington 2 yrs ago this summer...excellent condition...got different ones from a friend and dont need them laying around. figure someone can put them to good use,,they have the rubber backing and the little points that dig in so they...
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    1973 inner door sills

    i am selling a set of inner door sills from my 73... they have a few scratches in the alumn and after getting knocked for points i decieded to get a brand new set. so the old ones are up for sale, ther were repainted a few years back so overall there in good shape
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    edelbrock intake

    here's a photo of intake im selling ,its a edelbrock preformer, i rteciently rebuilt 383 and bought a endushine intake,this one is por-15 coated and show quality-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    att!! fine69

    you have to e mail me carlclub@comcast.net.your reply and my post got pulled about the trip meter repair tool carl a
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    sill plates

    i have a show car so i bought new sill plates the old ones were redone when the body off restoration was done they look good but there are a few scratches in the alum...probably can be buffed out e mail me if interested carlclub@comcast.net or p m me
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    trip meter reset tool

    EDIT by 67HEAVEN Carl, I have removed your advertisement for the item you are producing and selling. This is not an individual product. Please see our Terms of Service link. In that area, you will find this discussion of product and service advertising on CAC...
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    edelbrock preformer intake

    i bought a new enduroshine when we did my stroker over so its up for sale...its coated w/por-15 the cars a 6 time 1st place winner at vette fest so it looks good heres a photo e mail me at carlclub@comcast.net or p m me if interested-----------------------------
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    got my 383 back from the engine builder

    ---this is a photo of my new 383..it was built by bob of power built racing engines,,,bob used to build for nascar,,he also built engines for the late dale earnheart,,well after they got done and brought my car home i found out bob retired,,,my 383 was bobs last engine!!its a honor to have that...
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